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  • Google's new Chrome voice extension lets you search hands-free (video)

    Google Voice Search Hotword in Chrome

    Google promised that we’d get hands-free voice search in Chrome back at I/O 2013, and it’s delivering today with the beta of its Voice Search Hotword extension for desktop Chrome 31 users. As long as you’re either sitting at Google’s home page or have a new browser tab open, the add-on lets you start a search by saying “OK Google,” much as you would in Android 4.4 KitKat. Anyone eager to move beyond mouse-and-keyboard queries can grab the extension today from the Chrome Web Store.

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  • Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX get Siri Eyes Free as a dealer-installed option

    We first got word that Siri Eyes Free was coming to the 2013 Honda Accord back in January, but now the auto maker is rolling out the feature to vehicles. Owners of either the aforementioned model, 2014 Accord and both the 2013 Acura RDX and ILX can get the dealer-installed accessory by visiting their local dealer. Through a software update, Apple’s hands-free feature works in tandem with HondaLink and AcuraLink to complete tasks with the vehicles’ built-in microphone and speaker set. There’s still no word on exactly how much the upgrade will cost, but Honda has scheduled a Hangout for December 3rd to make a proper announcement, so perhaps we’ll learn the sticker price then.

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  • Punch Through's new Arduino board can stay wireless forever (video)

    LightBlue Cortado Arduino board

    You’ll have to plug in a typical Arduino-compatible board at some point in its life, whether it’s to add code or just to supply power. Not Punch Through Design’s upcoming Cortado, however. The tiny device centers on a custom Bluetooth 4.0 LE module that both enables wireless programming (including through mobile apps) and helps the board last for more than a year on a replaceable watch battery. In fact, the Cortado will already be powered up when you get it — you can start coding before you’ve opened the shipping box. It should also be relatively flexible for its size with a built-in accelerometer and the ability to serve as an Apple iBeacon transmitter. Punch Through is crowdfunding the board with hopes of shipping its first units in May. If you’re interested, you can pledge $18 to pre-order a Cortado; there’s also a helpful promo video after the break.

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  • Target wants to improve your shopping by fueling Indian technology startups

    Target in India

    We usually associate Target more with bargain pricing than technology leadership, but the big-box retailer is about to defy those expectations with plans for a startup incubator in Bangalore, India. When it launches in January, the Target Accelerator Program will finance young tech firms specializing in content aggregation, data, mobile and search. Only one or two companies will make the cut each year, but Target hopes that their projects will improve our shopping experience. TAP is also a clever way to compete against digital-savvy retailers like Walmart, which already has an Indian footprint — Target may spot clever ideas (and buyout candidates) before they reach competitors.

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