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  • Jawbone's Mini Jambox now available for purchase with regular-sized dollars

    Jawbone's Mini Jambox now available for purchase with regularsized dollars

    If you like your Bluetooth speakers nearly pocketable and can live without wall-shaking volume, the Jambox’s diminutive offspring is now available for $180 at Jawbone.com. The aptly named Mini is available in nine colors and five textures and debuts alongside iOS and Android streaming apps that are compatible with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. The speakers will be available at US retailers “shortly,” according to the company. Hit the source below to get your Mini jams on.

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  • PlayStation 3 update brings automatic downloads to all PSN users, more Vita sharing options
    PlayStation 3 update brings automatic downloads to all PSN users, more Vita sharing options

    Sony’s next-generation console may be nearing its launch date in some parts of the world, but the Japanese company isn’t forgetting about its aging PlayStation 3 just yet. With an update that’s due to roll out in the next few hours, the PS3 will no longer limit automatic firmware downloads to PlayStation Plus subscribers, a definite plus for non-paid PlayStation Network users. What’s more, version 4.50 also brings additional privacy settings to trophies and the ability to transfer data from the PS3 to PS Vita via a WiFi connection. It may not be the beefiest of updates, but sometimes keeping things short and sweet is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • Bungie to offer Destiny beta access as early pre-order perk


    We’ve all seen the demo, but none of us have actually played Destiny, Bungie and publisher Activision’s forthcoming first-person-shooter / MMO-like effort. But starting today, Destiny‘s persistent open world will begin opening up… to gamers that buy in early, that is. A limited amount of pre-orders placed now at select retailers will garner gamers beta access to Destiny, which is scheduled to launch early next year on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you happened to jump the gun and plunk down for a copy before today, don’t worry, as your order automatically reserves you a spot for the beta. Depending on your method of purchase, redemption codes will either be emailed directly or printed out at the time of purchase, so hold off on trashing those receipts. You can find the full details of the program and a new trailer just after the break.

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  • Scribd launches subscription e-book service for Android, iOS and web

    Scribd launches $9 subscription ebook service with HarperCollins titles

    Many of us associate Scribd with embedded documents on websites, but the company has been quietly building an e-book platform — first by selling content and later by soft-launching a subscription service. The company is now making its strategy clear by formally launching the e-book service and introducing content from HarperCollins, its first major publisher. Subscribers worldwide can pay $9 per month for access to both HarperCollins’ back catalog and independent releases through apps for Android, iOS and the web. Customers can also buy any books outright, including HarperCollins’ newer titles. Like with any Scribd document (and Kindle for the Web), customers can both share what they’re reading and embed books into websites. If you like the prospect of all-you-can-read services like Oyster but want broader platform support, you’ll want to take a close look at Scribd’s new offering.

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