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  • Sixense's Stem motion tracker may get Android and iOS support through stretch goal (video)

    Sixense Stem to get Android and iOS support if it reaches stretch goal video

    Sixense has so far promised only PC compatibility for its Stem motion tracker, but the company just teased us with the prospect of a wider ecosystem. It now says that Stem’s developer kit will support Android and iOS if the crowdfunded project reaches a new $700,000 stretch goal. Mobile devices linked to a Stem tracker could serve as motion controllers, virtual cameras and even head-mounted displays. As an incentive to make a pledge, Sixense is adding a pair of programmer-friendly pledge rewards: $149 gets a one-tracker bundle with no controllers, while an early five-tracker bundle has returned at a lower $299 price. Whether or not you chip in, you can watch a conceptual demo after the break.

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  • AT&T CEO talks up plan for LTE Broadcast video network, remains light on specifics

    AT&T CEO talks up plan for an LTE Broadcast video network

    Samsung and others have promised to deliver TV over 4G using the LTE Broadcast standard, and it looks like you can now also add AT&T to the list of those hoping to make it a reality. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed that the carrier intends to use the slice 700MHz spectrum it acquired from Qualcomm back in 2011 for an LTE Broadcast network of its own designed to deliver video to LTE-enabled devices (and lighten the load on the rest of its wireless network in the process). Stephenson didn’t offer too many more details than that, however, saying only that the carrier is now almost “all about architecting networks to deliver video,” and that we can expect to see the technology “mature in scale within the three-year time horizon.” As Fierce Wireless notes, Verizon has also said that it hopes to deploy some type of LTE Broadcast service in time for the 2014 Super Bowl, although it, too, has remained light on specifics beyond that.

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  • Aereo to roll out its TV streaming service in four new cities

    Aereo to roll out its TV streaming service in four new cities

    Despite a few legal entanglements along the way, Aereo continues to spread its cloud-based TV streaming service across the country. The lucky municipals this time around are Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, and San Antonio, Texas. As with Aereo’s other launches, those interested can pre-register at the company’s website to gain priority access when it goes live. The first month is free, but you’ll be on the hook for subscription payments after that; membership starts at $8 a month for 20 hours of DVR storage and goes up to $12 for 60. Most importantly, there’s no word yet on when, exactly, the service will launch in these locales. But judging by how fast it’s spreading, Aereo just might meet its goal of adding 22 more cities by the end of the year.

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  • C Spire prepping gigabit 'Fiber to the Home' service, asks where to put it

    C Spire prepping gigabit 'Fiber to the Home' service, asks where to put it

    Gigabit internet access is all the rage these days, and C Spire is entirely willing to give in to peer pressure. It just announced an upcoming C Spire Fiber to the Home service that will supply 1Gbps internet access and IPTV to Mississippi residents sometime in 2014. Exactly where it arrives will depend on feedback, however. Much like Google, C Spire wants both municipal governments and residents to plead their case; the more vocal regions will get service first. Only local leaders can solicit C Spire at this stage, but everyone else will get their chance starting on September 30th.

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