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  • Twitter submits plans for IPO: 140 characters of going public

    Twitter submits plans for IPO 140 characters of going public

    Honestly, it shouldn’t come as any shock: the microblogging service that made it perfectly acceptable to deliver huge, huge news in 140 characters or less has just done precisely that. Twitter has announced that it has “confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO,” but details beyond that are being kept under wraps. What’s it mean? Those with equity in the company are about to become mind-numbingly rich; Wall Street is about to lose its gourd about getting in early; and end-users like yourself should start worrying about ads, ads everywhere.

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  • Facebook's changing the way News Feed videos display, but it's mobile-only for now

    Facebook's changing the way News Feed videos display on mobile, but it's only a test for now

    Facebook’s experimenting with a new way to play videos uploaded to its News Feed, but not everyone will get to take part — not yet, anyway. This new Vine-like feature, which will begin rolling out to a limited group of US-based mobile users, allows for videos viewed on mobile to play silently as a user browses the News Feed. Audio will only play when a user elects to click on the video, at which point it will expand for the duration of the clip. So far, Facebook is limiting these auto-play videos to those that come from accounts with verified pages (read: celebrities) and individual users, not marketers. So you don’t have to worry about your News Feed getting spammed for now, although the company is evaluating whether or not to let the big bad wolves of the ad world join in. For a preview of what this new video tweak will look like, head on past the break.

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  • Twitter 5.0 beta for Android brings all-new design, in-line pictures and videos
    Twitter 50 beta for Android now available with new design, inline pictures and videos

    Only less than two weeks have gone by since Twitter debuted its app experiment on Android, but the little blue bird isn’t letting any time go to waste. Available now to those willing to deal with some rough edges, the Twitter 5.0 beta for Android features a completely new look, the ability to view in-line images / videos and a redesigned bar for menu items (notifications, messages, etc.). Looks-wise, it’s certainly slightly different than the current version. But does it perform better? We’ll let you, the beta testers, be the judge of that.

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  • Google Drive for Android update simplifies uploading, creating and scanning files
    Google Drive for Android update simplifies uploading, creating and scanning files

    Google’s been making the Drive app on Android better and better with every update since its debut on the platform — and lest we forget its iOS counterpart, too. Today’s new features might not be as flashy as the ones we saw with the introduction of the card UI, with Google placing emphasis on core functionality and making it easier to create, scan and upload files. Drive users will now see buttons for said functions near the bottom of the application, which then allows them to be quickly triggered with a simple tap. Google also points out that the app’s theme now sports a lighter color, with the idea being to make “content easier on the eyes.” If anything, the cupcakes shown on the sample screenshot are definitely making our mouths watery.

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