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  • Switched On: More wedge, less edge, no hedge

    Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

    DNP Switched On More wedge, less edge, no hedge

    Casting aside such permutations as the DSi and the DSi XL, it makes ordinal sense for the Nintendo 3DS to have followed the Nintendo DS. This is true even if the “3” was for the number of dimensions and not necessarily generations (in which case it might have been named the DS 3). But it seems a bit puzzling on the face of it to come out with a product called the 2DS after the 3DS. Changing the sub-brand immediately calls the notion of compatibility into question even if one can see why Nintendo wouldn’t want to include “3D” in a product that doesn’t display it. (At least it’s not being called “the new 3DS.”)

    And that’s but one of the confusing things about the 2DS, in which the strongest champion of hand-held gaming hardware has eliminated the signature feature of its latest portable console generation as well as the clamshell design with which the DS series has been identified since its debut a decade ago. The result is a makeover of the portable 3D handheld that is a bit less portable and a lot less 3D.

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  • Xbox One's still-in-beta dashboard, multitasking previewed in video leak

    In a move that reminds us of the kid that leaked the first in the wild shots of the Xbox 360, YouTuber Jackson Carter has posted a two minute video claiming to show a working Xbox One. After flashing the console itself and a controller as proof, he focuses mostly on the UI, displaying its Windows 8-style tile layout. You can check out our detailed impressions of the console’s UI right here, but to actually see it in motion — multitasking, Ryse beta, Kinect 2.0 and all — take a look at the video itself embedded after the break.

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    Via: NeoGAF, Wario64 (Twitter)

    Source: Jackson Carter (YouTube)

  • Tablet-optimized Twitter app leaks after IFA, works best on 10-inch screens

    Tabletoptimized Twitter app leaks after IFA, works best on 10inch screens

    If you blinked during Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 event at IFA last week, you may have missed it: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running a Twitter app redesigned for tablets. The brief peek teased a dual column, full screen miroblogging interface, but didn’t clue us in as to when the update would be live. Truth be told, that’s still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade anyway — AndroidNext has found the update’s APK. According to Android Police, the new interface is a little cramped on 7-inch displays, but seems to be fully functional. It seems to replace the existing Twitter app too, so an official update probably isn’t too far off. The impatient can find the file at the attached source link, assuming they’re willing to install manually.

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    Via: Android Police

    Source: AndroidNext

  • NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email

    NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email

    Roaming confusion has already caused the NSA to “accidentally” listen in on domestic calls, but according to a report from Spiegel, the organization is capable of a lot more. The German news magazine says it has seen evidence that the NSA can tap smartphones for SMS traffic, location data, contact list information and more. The claims, reportedly outlined in internal NSA documents, specifically call out iOS and BlackBerry devices as targets, describing the ability to access iPhone data by hacking a recently synced PC. BlackBerry access seems a bit more direct, Spiegel reports, suggesting that the NSA can tap into the BlackBerry email system. BlackBerry officials told Spiegel it wouldn’t comment on the allegations, but assured the news source that it hasn’t provided the NSA with a “‘back door’ pipeline to our platform.” Regardless, it’s a haunting claim — particularly for folks that use BlackBerry devices for their heavily touted security, but considering everything the NSA has been up to recently, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised.

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    Via: Verge

    Source: Spiegel

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