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  • This week on gdgt: Samsung's F8500, the Basis Band and stock Android

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    This week on gdgt: Samsung's F8500, the Basis Band, and stock Android


  • WSJ: Apple near shipping iPhones to China Mobile

    Apple reportedly near shipping iPhones to China Mobile

    If you believe the rumors, Apple has been in discussions to bring the iPhone to China Mobile almost since day one. Those seemingly endless negotiations may have drawn to a close: the Wall Street Journal now claims that Apple is near shipping at least the iPhone 5C to the giant Asian carrier. There’s no word on ship dates or what kind of deal (if any) is in place, although imminent shipments would suggest that there’s some kind of official arrangement. Neither side has commented on the rumor; we wouldn’t necessarily expect a mention of China Mobile at the iPhone launch event next week. When Apple is reportedly launching the iPhone on other holdout carriers this year, however, an expansion to the world’s largest cellular provider only makes sense.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal

  • iRobot CEO Colin Angle on the shortcomings of humanoid robots (video)

    iRobot CEO Colin Angle on the shortcomings of humanoid robots

    Nearly everyone who’s purchased one the 10 million-plus Roombas sold around the world has inevitably asked the same question: whatever happened to Rosie? For all its charms, iRobot’s hockey puck-like floor cleaner will never compare to the Jetsons’ sass-talking maid. We’re living in an age of robots and we don’t even know it. They’re everywhere we look, but it’s hard to recognize them after countless science fiction books and movies have hammered home the image of electronic mirrors of ourselves. In order to embrace a robotic future, however, many have scrapped the traditional notion of the android.

    “Building robot versions of people is very expensive,” explains iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle. “The thing that iRobot had to do to become a legitimate business [was] take a great step away from the traditional notion of what a robot should be. Why should it be to vacuum that I need to build an upright person and give them a vacuum? Why not build the vacuum that can guide itself around, that can go under couches? You can make it radically less expensive.”

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  • The iPhone 5S and 5C: rumor round-up

    iPhone 5S and 5C the rumor roundup

    What exactly is happening with Apple’s next iPhone? Will it be substantially cheaper? Come in gold? Or even sport a fingerprint scanner? And will it be enough to keep Apple on top, now that it’s up against two software-hardware chimeras? The company’s making plans for next week and we’re likely to see not one, but two new iPhones revealed. Alongside a predictably retuned iPhone 5 (the 5S?), we might see the long-awaited appearance of a new, cheaper model, rumored to arrive under the 5C moniker.

    Tim Cook has yet to make his mark on the company product-wise — regardless of Apple’s continued financial health. Steve Jobs was apparently well-involved in the development of the iPhone 5, even if it launched on Cook’s watch, so a freshly designed phone or two could finally be his launch: a chance to silence critics and show them where he’s taking Apple.

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