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  • Xbox One indie program will support free-to-play games, microtransactions

    Xbox One indie program will support free-to-play games, microtransactions

    Looking into Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program for independent developers? You’ll be happy to hear that the company won’t be placing any restrictions on your desired distribution model. Speaking to Joystiq at PAX Prime, Microsoft portfolio director for digital games Chris Charla explained that independent developers are free to utilize “every business model that any other game on Xbox One has.” This means that independent self-published games won’t be restricted to a different price structure than games from mainstream studios, opening up the possibilities for indie games with premium pricing, micro-transactions or free-to-play models. Charla explained it as a fundamental tenet of the program, clarifying that ID@Xbox titles have access to all the same features as any other game. “They have full Gamerscore, full Achievements, can take advantage of SmartGlass, Kinect – if you can do it with an Xbox One game, you can do it with anything that comes through the ID@Xbox program.” It’s a smart policy, one that takes full advantage of the growing popularity of the indie gaming scene. Check out Joystiq for more PAX Prime coverage.

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    Source: Joystiq

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch prototype leaked ahead of September 4th launch

    Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch images leaked ahead of September 4th launch

    Been wondering what Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch was going to look like? Take a seat, VentureBeat got a first look at the upcoming wearable over the weekend. According to the outlet, the prototype device features a three inch display, built in speakers and a 4-megapixel camera built directly into the watch’s wrist strap. VentureBeat describes the Samsung Galaxy Gear a lightweight, but somewhat dwarfing, featuring a “clunky” and large wristband and quite a bit of bulk. Although VentureBeat wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the alleged prototype, it did manage to snag a few screengrabs from an internal promotional video — showing off the device’s camera, screen and touch menu system. The watch also is said to support Samsung S Voice commands as well as an assortment of pre-loaded health apps that include heart and calorie monitors, as well a pedometer. Users can also take pictures of food and categorize it for later review.

    Although the prototype seems to suggest that Samsung is marketing the device as a health accessory, its features also fill the bill for a standard smartphone companion. VentureBeat noted social media features, a functional call log and independent internet access via WiFi, allowing users to use the watch without a smartphone if needed. The watch is also reportedly rated to last for more than ten hours on a single charge — a little shy in longevity if it’s your primary timepiece, but perhaps enough for a fitness focused accessory. We’ll find out more when Samsung officially reveals the wearable on Wednesday, but if you’re itching for more info, check out the attached source for more images and VentureBeat’s own artistic rendition of the prototype.

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    Source: VentureBeat

  • ​Reuters: Verizon's $130 billion bid for Vodafone stake to be voted on this weekend

    Vodafone and Verizon might finally be “resolving” their business relationship, according to Reuters: the pair are said to be striking a deal this weekend. The typical folks “familiar with the matter,” say that the firms’ respective boards are voting on a $130 billion buyout that would put Vodafone’s 45 percent stake in the network back in Verizon’s hands. The price has gone up since we last heard about this deal, though the plan is essentially the same — Verizon will finance half of the purchase through bonds and bank loans while covering the rest with cash on hand. Neither Verizon or Vodafone were willing to comment on the report, Reuters stated, but it’s no secret that the two companies have mused over breaking their partnership in the past. We’ll let you know if we hear anything official; until then, check out the source link to get the story from the horse’s mouth.

    Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the deal has been finalized behind closed doors, reiterating that an official announcement could come as early as Monday.

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    Source: Reuters, WSJ

  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: birth simulator, wave-powered desalination and carbon dioxide bricks

    Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.


    As if the Hyperloop and Tesla weren’t enough to keep him busy, real-life Tony Stark Elon Musk revealed this week that he felt the futuristic hologram UI from Iron Man could be built and that he might just be the one to do it. Over in Denmark, Inhabitat was on the scene covering the 2013 INDEX: Awards honoring groundbreaking inventions that make life better. Get the scoop on all of the winners — from a life-saving smart highway that wirelessly charges cars to a birth simulator that could save millions of babies a year to Copenhagen’s comprehensive Climate Adaption Plan to reduce flooding.

    But Copenhagen wasn’t the only city that had rising tides on the mind as the world reflected on the eight-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. While catastrophic flooding may have seemed like an isolated incident at that time, the threat of future storms is now matter-of-fact and ideas on how to protect against them, like this dam that uses the power of floodwater itself to inflate, have been popping up left and right.

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