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  • New Zealand Parliament bans software patents with a 117-4 vote

    DNP New Zealand bans software patents after a landslide vote in Parliament

    After five years of debate and a 117-4 vote, New Zealand’s Parliament has passed a bill that says computer programs are not considered inventions and are therefore ineligible for patents. However, the phrasing of the bill is flexible enough to provide some leeway. Since “products or processes” are understood to be patentable inventions, software that is integral to the implementation of a process designed to improve hardware can be included in the terms of a patent application. The text of the bill, intended to replace the outdated Patents Act of 1953, states, “Protecting software by patenting is inconsistent with the open source model, and its proponents oppose it. A number of submitters argued that there is no ‘inventive step’ in software development, as ‘new’ software invariably builds on existing software.” You can come to your own conclusions on the matter by checking out the bill at the source link below.

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    Via: Ars Technica

    Source: New Zealand Parliament, Patents Bill 235-2

  • Nikkei: Panasonic to halt smartphone business in Japan

    We don’t often think of Panasonic when it comes to smartphones, and it appears the Japanese public doesn’t either. According to the Nikkei, the consumer electronics giant will step out of the smartphone business in the Land of the Rising Sun, and plans to shut down its only handset production plant in March of next year. Phone sales dropped precipitously in the recent April to June quarter, which Panasonic attributes to NTT DoCoMo’s recent discounts for Sony and Samsung handhelds over its own. The Japanese carrier is said to stop carrying Panasonic handsets some time this Winter. Yet, Panasonic isn’t terminating its cellular business entirely — it’ll keep certain models around for corporate and foreign markets (perhaps the P51 or the Eluga?), and it won’t stop making those regular ol’ feature phones. In the meantime, the Nikkei reports that Panasonic is courting potential suitors for its cellular base stations. It seems that despite the increasing popularity of smartphones, not everyone can survive the cutthroat mobile market.

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    Source: Reuters

  • Facebook releases cross-platform SDK for Unity titles, looks to boost 3D and mobile gaming

    If the folks from Facebook and Unity have their way, you — and everyone you know — will be playing mobile 3D titles directly on the social network. The two companies have been working together since March to boost user engagement with games on Facebook, and a cross-platform SDK released today should go a long way toward reaching a broader audience. Available for download via Unity’s developer site, the new kit lets devs port their mobile games to Facebook.com and integrate social experiences — such as posting achievements to your Timeline — into core titles, regardless of whether gamers are on Android, iOS or the web. And the companies are making this process quite easy for devs; bringing titles to several platforms only requires a line of code.

    A handful of games, including Cmune’s UberStirke, Madfinger’s Shadowgun: Deadzone and Nival’s King’s Bounty: Legions, have already incorporated the new SDK, and Unity is no doubt hoping that other devs will follow suit. This isn’t the first time the gaming engine has extended a helping hand to developers — it’s been known to drop licensing fees, for instance. Here’s hoping this means a wider selection of Facebook titles is just around the corner.

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    Via: All Things D, CNet

    Source: Facebook Developer Blog

  • T-Mobile sues AT&T over Aio Wireless' logo, goes magenta with rage

    DNP TMobile sues AT&T over the color of Aio Wireless' logo

    It’s no secret that T-Mobile feels very strongly about a specific shade of magenta. Long time readers will remember when Deutsche Telekom famously came after your favorite tech site (spoiler alert: that would be Engadget) over the particular hue we’d chosen for our mobile section. T-Mo has evidently been jonesing for another chromatically inspired legal battle, as it just sued AT&T over the color of Aio Wireless’ logo. While DT does technically have a German trademark on a single shade of magenta (RAL 4010), to anyone with eyes, it’s evident that T-Mobile and Aio employ two completely different colors. Big Magenta’s CEO John Legere weighed in on Twitter when he said, “Here is the Crayon box that @ATT must have been using :),” alongside a picture of RAL 4010-hued crayons (available at the source link below). Nobody wants to show up to prom in the same dress as someone else, but T-Mo appears to be grasping at straws. Magenta straws.

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    Via: Android Police

    Source: John Legere (Twitter), FierceWireless

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