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  • DNS hack takes The New York Times offline

    DNS hack brings The New York Times offline

    For the second time this month, The New York Times has gone offline. This time around, the Syrian Electronic Army is likely to blame, with a Domain Name System (DNS) hack crippling the news org’s online operation. The NYT’s web servers are still online, however, so the publication has begun tweeting out direct IP links to recent articles. Meanwhile, Twitter itself may be vulnerable. Hackers have managed to modify some of the registration data, including the contact email address, suggesting an attack on the social site may be imminent.

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    Via: TechCrunch

    Source: NYT (Twitter)

  • Researchers link brains, control each other's actions via the internet (video)

    Researchers link brains, control each other's actions via the internet (video)

    Human brain-to-brain interfacing seems like the stuff of fiction (Pacific Rim, anyone?), but researchers at the University of Washington have made it a reality. A team led by faculty members Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco claim to have pioneered the world’s first human-to-human experiment of the sort. Rao and Stocco were placed in different buildings and hooked up to two devices to record, interpret and send their brain signals via the internet. The sender (Rao) wore an EEG machine while the receiver (Stocco) was connected to a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil. The experiment was performed with a simple arcade-style video game, the objective of which was to shoot baddies out of the sky. Rao watched the screen and visualized lifting his hand to press the space bar to fire, but Stocco was the trigger man. Clear across campus, Stocco’s finger tapped the space bar at the appropriate time, eliminating the target, despite being unable to hear or see the game’s display. To learn more, check out the video after the break or the source link below.

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    Via: GeekWire

    Source: University of Washington

  • Microsoft boosts base SkyDrive Pro storage to 25GB, lets administrators add more

    Microsoft boosts base SkyDrive Pro storage to 25GB

    Microsoft’s SkyDrive Pro is helpful for cloud-savvy businesses, but its 7GB of storage per person now seems restrictive next to improved offerings from rivals like Box. The company won’t let itself be outdone, however: it just bumped SkyDrive Pro’s base storage to 25GB per user, and administrators can raise that limit to 100GB if they’re willing to pay. There’s some incentives to take advantage of that extra space, too. Microsoft now offers a larger 2GB file cap, automatic versioning for new users and a client view that displays all shared documents. If your employer depends on Microsoft for online collaboration, you should notice the additional storage today.

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    Source: Office 365 Technology

  • Telltale Games bringing 'The Walking Dead' to the OUYA this winter
    Telltale Games bringing 'The Walking Dead' to the Ouya this winter

    It’s safe to say The Walking Dead game has had a pretty successful term on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — still, there’s always a chance to grow beyond the more traditional consoles. With that in mind, Telltale Games announced today its plans to bring the zombie-heavy gaming series to the OUYA later this year. The game studio behind the title doesn’t go beyond saying it’ll be “coming this winter.” However, it did say the release will include The Walking Dead: Season One along with the 400 Days DLC. The second season, meanwhile, is said to be in the works and due to follow at some point in the future. Owners of the tiny, Android-based box will be able to play the first episode at no cost, which should help decide if they want to carry on with the rest of the story or, you know, keep playing You Don’t know Jack.

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    Via: The Verge

    Source: Telltale Games

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