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  • Intel's 3D camera technology detects emotions and eyes, gives Kinect some competition

    Intel depth vision camera technology

    We know that Intel sees 3D cameras as the future of computing, and the company’s Anil Nanduri just provided a few hints of what that future may involve. He tells Network World that the depth-sensing technology can recognize emotions, such as happy smiles. It can also track your gaze; a camera can detect when readers are stumped by unfamiliar words in a book, for example. The technology’s shape detection is accurate enough that it can even scan objects for 3D printing. We won’t get a true sample of the technology’s potential until Creative ships its Senz3D camera before the end of the current quarter. Nonetheless, it’s already evident that Microsoft’s next-generation Kinect for Windows will have some real competition on its hands.

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    Source: Network World

  • Moto X for Verizon officially available online August 29th, at stores in the coming weeks

    Moto X for Verizon officially available online August 29th, in stores in the coming weeks

    If you’ve been eyeing a Motorola device on Verizon without the Droid branding, the Moto X is ultimately your best (and only) choice — but when exactly will it be available to the masses? According to Verizon’s official Twitter account, this Thursday, August 29th will be the day you can grab it online for $200 on-contract. As for stores, the company isn’t willing to give a specific date just yet, so all we’ve been told is that we can expect it in the coming weeks. Still, this will come as good news for Big Red fans who have been patiently awaiting their turn, even if it means early adopters have to settle for a black or white option.

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    Source: Droid-life

  • Facebook adds shared photo albums for collaborative memory making

    Facebook adds shared photo albums, for collaborative memory making

    Google+ may not be the premier destination for photo sharing, but its devotees know just how wonderful Party Mode’s collaborative albums are. Facebook is bringing a little bit of that magic to its much more popular platform through shared photo albums. The feature, which was built during a company hackathon, allows up to 50 people to contribute to a single album and upload up to 200 pictures each. To ensure that the albums don’t become a chaotic mess, only the creator can alter the privacy settings of the album (public, friends of contributors and contributors only) and only he or she can modify or delete photos at will. Contributors will only be able to edit the images they themselves have uploaded. The tool is still very much in the early stages of development, and creators Bob Baldwin and Fred Zhao are already planning for the future. The upload cap of 200 pictures will likely be lifted, the duo told Mashable, and soon the ability to create shared albums should be coming to mobile (for the time being, you can only contribute to an existing shared album). Currently, shared albums are rolling out to a small test group of English-language users, before moving to broader availability and eventually crossing language barriers.

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    Source: Mashable

  • Sony Honami smartphone gets an official teaser, a few unofficial photos

    Sony Honami pops up in official teaser, very unofficial photos

    The buzz surrounding Sony’s Honami smartphone is reaching a fever pitch, and Sony itself is finally joining in with a new teaser image for the device. The official shot only confirms the presence of a G-branded camera lens and an LED flash. However, it coincides with a new batch of unofficial photos on Digi-Wo that show the Honami in white at a Sony event. While there’s nothing new in the pictures beyond the color, it’s clear that the Android flagship is nearing its debut. The company isn’t mentioning any launch details itself. However, we won’t be surprised if the new Xperia appears at IFA next week.

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    Via: GSMArena

    Source: Sony Xperia (Google+), Digi-Wo (translated)

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