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  • Manual leaks for Sony's QX10 and QX100 lens cameras, fills in more pieces of the puzzle

    Manual leaks for Sony's QX10 and QX100, sheds more light on the lens camera concept

    We’ll admit to being puzzled by Sony’s recently uncovered QX10 and QX100 lens cameras — how do they work? Thankfully, SonyAlphaRumors has answered some of our questions with a leaked user manual. Both cameras are mostly independent from their mobile hosts, with each getting its own battery and storage. The two should also have their own shutter buttons and zoom levers, although the QX100 adds a ring control to go along with its larger sensor. The manual still doesn’t answer questions about price or availability, but there’s a chance that Sony will fill in those blanks at its IFA press event next month.

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    Source: SonyAlphaRumors

  • Editor's Letter: Is Hyperloop loopy, or the future of public transportation?

    In each issue of Distro, Executive Editor Marc Perton publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

    DNP Editor's Letter Is Hyperloop loopy, or the future of public transportation

    If you can say one thing about Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla Motors, it’s that he thinks big. After making his fortune by selling his online payments company to PayPal, he’s focused on creating entirely new industries, including commercial rocketry and electric cars. His latest idea, the Hyperloop, could eclipse both of those, at least in creative vision. The high-speed transportation system is basically a modern take on the pneumatic tube, and could potentially hurl travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco at over 700 miles per hour, bridging the two cities in just about a half-hour. The cost to taxpayers: a mere $6 billion.

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  • Stack printer concept ditches the tray, eats columns of paper instead

    Stack printer concept ditches the tray, eats columns of paper

    Let’s face it: even clever 2D printers aren’t usually fun to watch. Mugi Yamamoto’s Stack concept livens things up a bit, however. Instead of relying on a tray, the printer swallows paper from a column underneath — like an animal that only eats company reports. The trayless design isn’t just for novelty’s sake, though. Stack is more portable than its conventional peers, and it’s much less of a hassle to reload. Yamamoto has had a working Stack prototype for months, but he now tells Wired that he’s looking for companies that could produce a commercial version. We’re hoping that someone takes him up on his offer; it could add a little more excitement to our office printing jobs.

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    Via: Wired

    Source: Mugi Yamamoto

  • Lamassu's Bitcoin ATM up for pre-order, coming soon to an early adopting liquor store near you

    Lamassu's 'Bitcoin ATM' now up for preorder, coming soon to an early adopting liquor store near you

    Granted, it’s not exactly a traditional ATM — for one thing, you feed cash in. It’s not exactly a vending machine either — there are no candy bars here, just a transfer of funds to your account. Lamassu’s Bitcoin Machine scans your info via a QR code on your phone, you put some bills in the slot and voila, you’re a little closer to that Bitcoin mansion you’ve had your eye on. The company opened up pre-orders via its site this week — just send along 50.7278 Bitcoins ($5,000) and one of these bad boys is yours for the transferring later this year.


    Source: Lamassu

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