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  • Office Depot starts stocking 3D Systems printers online

    Could 3D printing be the future of office supply stores? Staples, for one, has been dipping its toes in those rising waters, offering a limited selection of devices on its site. Office Depot’s following suit, making the seemingly logical move of including the third dimension in its printing offering. The chain announced today that it’s added 3D Systems’ Cube and CubeX to its online store, selling the printers for $1,299 and $2,499, respectively. It’s not quite a 3D printing kiosk in every store (who wouldn’t want a personalized Star Trek figure while you wait?), but it’s always nice to see a company looking to embrace emerging technology.


  • Sprint releases purple Galaxy S 4, gives Prince a new 'life companion'

    Sprint releases purple Galaxy S 4, gives Prince a new 'life companion'

    Sprint’s eggplant-colored Galaxy S III must have proven a hit, as the carrier is already following up with a version of the Galaxy S 4 in Purple Mirage. Like its ancestor, the purple GS4 is strictly a palette swap; the $200 you pay on contract still gets you a 16GB version of Samsung’s familiar 2013 flagship, just in a more vibrant shade. If you’re tired of conservative smartphone colors, though, you could do far worse than to buy Sprint’s latest royal-hued smartphone… especially if you’re a platinum-selling rocker from Minnesota.

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  • Kindle for Android app updated with library sorting, keeps a watchful eye on remaining read time

    Kindle for Android app updated with library sorting and reading progress ticker

    Amazon’s Android-flavored reading app is offering up a couple more of its own e-reader’s features for those with Google-fied devices. Just like folks with Kindles have already encountered, the Kindle for Android app now keeps tabs on time remaining in chapters and the book itself should pace be of chief concern. The mobile software also allows library sorting by author, title and books recently read to keep those A Song of Ice and Fire titles neatly organized. Naturally, the update also comes with the usual stability improvements and bug fixes in tow and can be snatched up at the source link. You know, in the event that your trusty device hasn’t alerted you to the new version just yet.

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  • Google patents drag-and-drop content sharing with nearby groups

    Google patents draganddrop public sharing with nearby mobile users

    Proximity-based content sharing systems tend to focus on one-at-a-time transfers — see Android Beam and Apple’s upcoming AirDrop as examples. Google, however, has just patented an interface that would simplify sharing content with nearby groups. Users would only have to drag private items into a public space to share them with everyone inside of a certain range; the reverse would hide those items once again. The approach wouldn’t be limited to files, either, as it could be used for invitations to chat sessions or events. Google won’t necessarily take advantage of its sharing patent, but the concept is simple enough that we wouldn’t be surprised to find it in future apps or Android revisions.

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    Source: USPTO

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