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  • Alt-week 8.10.13: The Mini Lisa, going ape and how Google Glass will turn you into an ant

    Alt-week takes a look at the best science and alternative tech stories from the last seven days.

    Altweek 81013 The Mini Lisa, going ape and how Google Glass will turn you into an ant

    Science and art truly meet with the smallest Mona Lisa you’ll ever see. Meanwhile, other scientists are taking primatology to the pool. Possibly of more concern, however, is how a game for Google Glass could finally confirm our destiny as mere worker ants in our technological future. This is alt-week.

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  • FCC loosens outdoor power restrictions on 60GHz spectrum

    DNP FCC loosens restrictions on 60 GHz spectrum, could enable cheap rural broadband

    In response to industry petitioners, the FCC is easing outdoor power restrictions on the unlicensed 60GHz spectrum, which could bring faster broadband to rural areas and cost-effective backhaul solutions in urban settings. This ruling change would permit outdoor devices to deliver high-speed data over greater distances — around a mile at 7 Gbps, all told — and “enhance” the unlicensed utility of the 57-64GHz spectrum. While this is the same frequency WiGig uses, indoor power restrictions haven’t changed any. Because this spectrum is unlicensed, it means that basically anyone can use it as long as they follow the FCC’s rules; no funny business, please.

    [Image credit: Rennett Stowe / Flickr]

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  • Smart's Fortwo ED leasing for $139/ month, battery rental included

    DNP Smart's Fortwo electric leasing for $139 month,

    Assuming you’re small enough to fit comfortably, owning the cheap EV of your dreams could soon become a reality. Chevy recently cut the Volt’s price and, as of this week, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is available for less, too. Specifically, it’s $139 per month on a three-year, 30,000 mile lease that includes its “battery assurance plus” program, an $80 per month option for purchasers. However, to get that special rate, you’ll have to put $1,999 down and sign paperwork either in California, Oregon or along the East coast. If you’d rather buy outright instead of leasing, Daimler’s compact division has incentives for you, too. In addition to any tax breaks you get from the state and or federal government, the company is knocking $5,010 off the ED’s already low $25,000 sticker price. It’s finally looking like your payments could match the electric two-seater’s diminutive stature.

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  • Air Force might shutter satellite- and space junk-tracking Space Fence soon

    DNP RIP Space fence

    We imagine the Air Force is none too pleased that Space Fence might shutter as soon as September 1st due to budget constraints, according to leaked memos obtained by Space News. Space Fence, a powerful system of radars that track satellites and space junk orbiting the Earth, performs 40 percent of the Air Force Space Surveillance Network’s observations. It can detect objects as small as a basketball up to 24,000 kilometers away and can constantly beam info back to the planet with no human input. It’s no surprise then that the airmen called it a “critical defense system” when they tried to save the project in July — an endeavor they failed if this info turns out to be true. Before anyone worries about unmonitored celestial debris hurtling toward Earth, know that a plan to build a more advanced Space Fence replacement exists. The only reason why it’s not in the works is because it has yet to secure funding, leading this editor to think that someone really needs to get started engineering a money tree.

    [Image credit: NASA]

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    Source: SpaceNews

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