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  • Acer to expand its Android and Chromebook lineup, offer fewer Windows devices

    Acer more Android and Chromebook products, fewer Windows devices

    Historically, most of Acer’s device lineup has been focused on Windows products — it’s the fourth-largest PC maker, after all — but a less-than-pleasant second quarter seems to have given the company reason to switch its strategy up a bit. According to the Wall Street Journal, Acer is looking into expanding its Google-centric efforts; although it will continue a strong partnership with Microsoft, the Taiwanese manufacturer aims to offer more Chromebooks and Android products, while pushing fewer laptops or tablets sporting Win8. Chairman J.T. Wang told the Journal that smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks are expected to make up 10-12 percent of the company’s revenue by the end of this year, while that number should bump up to 30 percent in 2014.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal

  • Lavabit, supposedly Edward Snowden's email service of choice, shuts down

    It looks like Edward Snowden is going to have to find a new email service as the one he supposedly used — Lavabit — has abruptly closed its doors. The company’s owner, Ladar Levison, posted an open letter on the site today, saying, “I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit.” Levison also claimed to be unable to speak to the specifics surrounding the situation, stating that a Congressionally approved gag order prevented him from doing so. While Lavabit’s situation seems pretty dire, it might not be curtains just yet. In his message, Levison stated that he would take his fight to reinstate Lavabit to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. To read the missive in full, head on over to the source link below.

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    Via: Boing Boing

    Source: Lavabit

  • New Nexus 7 reportedly coming to the UK August 28th

    New Nexus 7 coming to the UK August 28th

    We were pleasantly surprised by the latest version of the Nexus 7, which landed in the US at the end of July. A little more patience has been required of Nexus fans on the other side of the pond, however, but the wait will soon be coming to an end. According to Pocket-Lint, ASUS has confirmed that the device will launch at midnight on August 28th, and will offer an asking price of £199.99 for the 16GB WiFi model and £239.99 for the 32GB WiFi-only version. There’s no word on an LTE unit hitting British shores, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

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    Source: Pocket-Lint

  • This is the Modem World: The day Google died

    Each week Joshua Fruhlinger contributes This is the Modem World, a column dedicated to exploring the culture of consumer technology.

    DNP The Modem World The day Google died

    One day, Google will not be the technology giant that it is today. Consider the following:

    In 1968, the Pontiac GTO was Motor Trend‘s Car of the Year. Today, Pontiac is a historical footnote of General Motors.

    In 1981, IBM launched the PC, which became the de facto standard of personal computers, spawning hundreds of PC clones and dominating the computing market to this day. In 2005, the IBM PC business was acquired by Lenovo, and the IBM PC is no more.

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