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  • Microsoft slashes Surface Pro price for the month of August, 64GB model down to $799

    Microsoft slashes Surface Pro price for the month of August, 64GB model down to $799

    Thought the Surface RT’s $150 price drop was enticing? Hold on to your wallet: Microsoft’s at it again. Over the weekend, Redmond quietly took $100 off of both its 64 and 128GB Surface Pro slates, bringing their base prices to $799 and $899, respectively. According to the fine print, the discount will hold until August 29th, but we wouldn’t be surprised to the sale drag on if it moves units.

    “We’ve been seeing great worldwide success with Surface RT pricing and keyboard-cover promotions over the past several months and our proud to offer Surface Pro at more affordable prices starting today,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Engadget. “People who buy Surface love Surface, and we’re eager for more people to their hands on Surface and share their excitement.” It’s not a staggering price reduction, but it’s certainly enough to make buyers on the fence raise an eyebrow. You can check out the slate’s new sticker price at the adjacent source link, but don’t rush yourself — you’ve got almost a month, after all.


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  • DataWind Ubislate 3G7 mystery tablet visits FCC with HSPA in tow

    DataWind Ubislate 3G7 mystery tablet visits FCC with HSPA in tow

    DataWind‘s no stranger to making inexpensive tablets (India’s Aakash immediately comes to mind) but to date its products (including the iconic PocketSurfer) have only featured 2G connectivity — in addition to WiFi, of course. This appears to be changing with the Ubislate 3G7, an unannounced 7-inch, 3G-enabled tablet that recently sauntered through the FCC. According to the test reports, it supports quadband GPRS and tri-band HSPA (2100 / 1900 / 850MHz), making it compatible with AT&T “4G” in the US. Little else is known about this mystery device beyond what’s outlined in the FCC documents. From what we’ve been able to gather, it features WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0, a microSD card slot plus front and rear (2 MP) cameras. Follow the source link below to check it out for yourself.

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  • YouTube opens live streaming to channels with as few as 100 subscribers

    Not a YouTube partner? That’s okay — Google’s streaming video outfit is letting you access some of its premium features anyway. In a recent blog post, the company announced that it will be lowering the subscriber threshold for live streaming to 100, down from 1,000 in May. The feature should be available to all channels in good standing sometime in the next few weeks, provided users hop into their Account Features page and click on the “enable” button. The blog also reminds users that they can maximize their channel’s exposure by uploading custom video thumbnails, compiling videos into playlists and by linking out to associated websites via YouTube annotations. More features for the little guy? We can get behind that.

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  • The After Math: Moto X edition

    Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week’s tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

    The After Math Moto X edition

    Motorola’s got wood! Or at least that’s what it said (and eventually unsaid) in conjunction with one of the most unique smartphone announcements we’ve ever seen. Not only is the Moto X almost literally one-of-a-kind, with its seemingly endless customization options and “assembled in the USA” status, but it’s also not the hardware powerhouse you might expect from such a high-profile handset. Add to that Motorola’s innuendo-laced marketing campaign and lack of a proper press conference to kick things off, and you’ve got yourself a healthy helping of digits for this week’s After Math.

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