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  • New update brings Gmail notifications to Pebble for iOS users

    DNP Pebble for iOS finally gets Gmail and other IMAP email notifications

    Pebble owners who’ve paired their watches with iOS devices have been lagging behind their Android-using counterparts, at least when it comes to email notifications. A new update for the iOS app, available today, is bridging that divide by introducing Gmail and other IMAP account notifications to Pebble. Previously, iDevice owners were limited to the default iOS 6 mail client, whereas Android users could choose between the default option or their Gmail accounts. Version 1.2 of Pebble’s iOS app includes a very simple setup for adding Gmail (or generic IMAP) accounts, and alerts will be pushed so long as the Pebble app is running in the background. To download the update, head on over to the source link below.

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  • Moto X coming to Canada as a Rogers exclusive priced at $190 on a two-year contract

    Motorola just made headlines here in the US with the official unveiling of the Moto X, and now it’s making waves with similar news in the Great White North. That’s right folks, the Moto X is coming to Canada, but will be exclusively available to customers of Rogers. The handset arrives in August for as low as $189.99 when attached to a two-year contract, and existing Rogers customers can reserve one for their very own right now. Unfortunately, the X will only be available in black or white (initially, at least), but hopefully additional colors and perhaps even the wood veneer versions will come later — we’re thinking maple’s a good way to go.

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  • Moto X vs the new Droid lineup: fight!

    Moto X vs the new Droid lineup fight!

    After countless months in hibernation, Motorola has arisen from its deep slumber in a rather major way. The phone maker not only unleashed a full trio of Droid devices last week, it introduced the Moto X, long known as the company’s not-so-secret weapon. We’ve already discussed our impressions of the firstfruits of post-acquisition Motorola, along with its interesting array of color customization options, but we’ve put together a handy comparison sheet that shows off how the Moto X fares against its Droid-branded brethren. When it comes to components, the suite of smartphones are actually quite similar to each other. Take a look after the break to see how it all breaks down.

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  • Deck Bluetooth speaker by SOL Republic and Motorola offers 300-foot range, fits in a pocket

    Deck Bluetooth speaker by SOL Republic and Motorola offers 300foot range, fits in a pocket

    Remember that SOL Republic Bluetooth speaker that made a sneak appearance at Verizon’s Droid event? Well, it’s actually official now and the company wants to ensure its first foray into audio outside headphones is a success. Dubbed the Deck, the speaker is the result of a team-up between SOL and Motorola, with SOL providing its audio know-how and Motorola handling the wireless connectivity bit. The $200 speaker features a flat design that might fit into a pants pocket. Vertically positioned drivers and a side-facing port provide 360-degree sound, and an outdoor mode boosts the highs and cuts the lows if you need to fill open areas with sound.

    Additionally, deck boasts a usable range of 300 feet, a sprawling distance compared to the the usual 30-foot line-of-sight limit you’ll encounter on devices like the Beats Pill and Jawbone Jambox. Its Heist setting lets up to five devices connect without needing to enable a pairing mode and, like the name suggests, any user can steal the speaker by hitting play on their device. Rounding things out, you can expect roughly 10 hours of battery life, water-resistance (via a sonically-transparent bag), speakerphone functionality and a 3.5mm input / output. Interested? It costs $200 and is up for pre-order today in yellow, blue, red and “gunmetal.” Shipments are expected to begin before August is over. In the meantime, you can join us after the break for our initial impressions.

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