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  • Submit your hardware to Engadget's second Insert Coin: New Challengers competition

    Roughly this time last month, we opened up our second Insert Coin: New Challengers competition to all you entrepreneurial makers. The first one was an unquestionable highlight of March’s first-ever Expand event in San Francisco, and we’re psyched to see what you guys have in store for us this time. Ten semifinalists will get tickets to the show and a $1,000 travel stipend. One Judges’ Choice winner will walk away with $10,000 and one Readers’ Choice winner will get $15,000. Both will also score a product review on this site.

    Ziphius, which managed to pick up both prizes back in March, is entering the home stretch in its own search for $125,000 over on Kickstarter. The aquatic drone managed to capture the imagination of the Expand crowd and our online audience, beating out a number of impressive finalists, including the Make-a-Play, SmartPulse, Smart Knob and Snapzoom. Think you’ve got something just as good in the works? Well, now’s the time to show us. Submissions are open now through September 27th. You can find all the necessary rules over on our event page.

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  • Editorial: Apple's Dash for the Dashboard

    Editorial Apple's Dash for the Dashboard

    Cars are dangerous, all the more when drivers reach for controls positioned at arm’s length. Road risk is increased by the fact that many drivers seek distraction or productivity while rolling along. Multitasking while behind the wheel can be more perilous than driving drunk.

    The car also represents third-party business opportunities. It is an under-served mobile environment. Many apps that work beautifully at home or in a coffee shop, such as music playback or messaging, are halting or awkward in the rolling living room of a car.

    The race is on for control of the car’s infotainment systems. Apple’s recently granted patent for a touchscreen dash is Cupertino’s aim toward owning the dashboard operating system and interface, in ways that hook into the company’s device and media businesses. But thorny competition comes not only from other tech companies, but also from the car companies. And whatever victories Apple enjoys in the dashboard could ultimately be neutered by longer-term automotive tech inventions.

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  • Google visits reportedly represent nearly 25 percent of North American web traffic

    Google visits reportedly represent nearly 25 percent of North American web traffic

    Google’s pretty popular here in North America, but one analytics firm is reporting some figures that might sound a bit too good to be true. DeepField, a company that focuses on analyzing web performance, is today claiming that Google broke a web record within the last month — visits to the site now represent 25 percent of all North American web traffic, with 60 percent of all internet-connected devices accessing the service each day. Netflix, for its part, represents the leader in bandwidth (despite YouTube falling under the Google umbrella), but far more users access the search site within a 24-hour period, as you’d probably expect. Without a statement from Mountain View, it’s important to note that these figures are unconfirmed. Considering Google’s reach, however, the claims might not be far off.

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  • LG VS980 emerges at FCC, could be the Optimus G Pro for Verizon

    LG VS980 emerges on the FCC, could be the Optimus G Pro for Verizon

    If this recent FCC filing is any indication, it looks like AT&T won’t have US exclusivity over the LG Optimus G Pro for much longer. The document points to a LG VS980 that’s clearly headed for Verizon; it supports the carrier’s LTE bands and the model number is in line with other Verizon LG smartphones like the LG Intuition (VS950). Seeing as the AT&T model is marked as the E980, our Magic 8 Ball says that all signs point to the VS980 being the Big Red version of the Optimus G Pro. So that’d make at least a couple of ways Americans can get their hands on the LG smartphone, which is two more than anyone in the UK.

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    Source: FCC

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