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  • Engadget Podcast 352 – 07.20.13

    Engadget Podcast 343 - 05.10.13

    The Mobile Podcast had the pleasure of beating us to chatting about the Lumia 1020, but that didn’t deter us. Aside from that taking up half of this week’s episode, we’ll discuss the new plans from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and the HTC One mini. Get to streaming below, because this one‘s dedicated to Tim Stevens.

    Hosts: Peter Rojas, Brian Heater, Terrence O’Brien

    Producer: Joe Pollicino (akaTRENT)

    Hear the podcast:

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  • Chrome OS beta update brings 'immersive' mode, smarter app search and UI tweaks

    Chrome OS beta update brings 'immersive' mode, smarter app search and UI tweaks

    If you’re running Chrome OS betas like it’s not even a thing, we’re pegging you as a bit of a maverick. The latest update (29.0.1537.32) rewards your non-conformity with a bevy of small, but useful new features. There’s Kernel 3.8 for the Pixel and Samsung 550 users, but likely you’re more interested in the new “immersive” full screen mode that hides the shelf and tool bar. Or, what about the ability to pin apps to the shells with drag and drop? There’s other tricks, too, such as wallpaper sync (across all your machines), UI scaling and a smarter app launcher. There’s a full list at the source, but knowing you, you already went there, right?

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    Source: Google Chrome Releases Blog

  • ​Firefox OS 1.1 now available for Geeksphone devices, users report faster boot times, bug fixes

    Betting on Mozilla’s mobile operating system? There’s a good chance, then, that you’re kicking around a Geeksphone, one of the few devices known for running Firefox OS. Owners of the company’s Keon and Peak handsets can now manually upgrade their devices to Firefox 1.1, which — according to enthusiasts on the Geeksphone forums and Twitter — speeds up boot times, patches an assortment of bugs and tacks on minor navigational and display improvements. Naturally, users interested in trying the build will have to download and flash it themselves. Unsure how to proceed? Check out the Geeksphone forums link at the adjacent source link for tips.

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    Source: GeeksPhone, Twitter

  • Comcast's X1 availability widens, mass-deployment still planned by year's end

    DNP COmcast X1 DVR adds smartphone control, available now in tktktk

    Comcast’s advanced cable-box footprint keeps getting bigger. While currently you can only get the X1 set-top box in 18 of its service areas, that’s growing, as it’s come to several new markets recently. A company spokesperson recently told us that the cable giant is still on track to have the new unit as an option for all of its customers by year’s end. As of now, new and current Triple Play subscribers in Nashville and Knoxville, TN; Jacksonville, Sarasota and Naples, FL; Baltimore and Frederick, MD and Brunswick, GA can snag the hardware as a free upgrade with select programming packages. Or, if you’re patient, you could wait for the X2.

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    Source: Comcast X1

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