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  • Twitter for Android update brings in-line replies, sharing through direct messages

    Twitter for Android update brings inline replies, sharing through direct messages

    Twitter fans on Android just got a pair of small features that could go a long way toward streamlining conversations. An update to the app now lets socialites reply directly from a tweet’s detail page, skipping a minor but sometimes annoying step. The refresh also permits sharing tweets through direct messages — you won’t have to broadcast your intentions to the world. If time or privacy is of the essence, Twitter’s Android upgrade is already live at the source link.

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  • Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition coming July 24, brings fans over 300 minutes of new material

    Indie Game The Movie Special Edition coming July 24, brings fans over 300 minutes of new material

    Count yourself among the numerous fans of Indie Game: The Movie? Good news for you, as the film’s creators are set to release Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition next week. This special edition brings over 300 minutes of new content that tells the tale of what’s happened in the time after the first movie and includes a series of new short films and additional commentary from the IGTM’s directors. The new content will be available as Steam DLC on July 24, or a download can be pre-ordered straight from the IGTM website now for $14.99.

    Should physical media be your preference, limited edition DVD and Blu-ray box sets (3,000 of each) signed by the directors can be pre-ordered for $59.99 and $69.99, respectively. For your cash, you get three discs that hold a full theatrical cut of the original film and the 300 minutes of new material that include extended interviews and Q&A sessions with the directors, cast and crew. Plus, you get an IGTM notebook, laptop sticker and a double-sided poster — with the IGTM theatrical poster on one side and limited edition artwork by Edmund McMillen on the other. Box sets start shipping in early August and will also come with a code for a digital special edition. Once shipping starts, the pre-order price goes up to $69.99 for the DVD set and $89.99 for Blu-ray. So, head on past the break for a special edition trailer and check the source to get in line while the getting’s good.

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    Source: Indie Game: The Movie

  • New Nexus 7 coming to retail outlets next week, according to documents (update: pricing and pics)

    New Nexus 7 coming to retail outlets next week, according to documents

    It appears that the rumored sequel to the Nexus 7 is close at hand, according to internal documents sent to us by an anonymous tipster. Apparently, the new device will be sold in stores alongside the current iteration (at first, at least, though we can’t be certain if this will only be until existing stock runs out). The docs indicate that stores will receive the tablet as early as the 20th, though we wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see it until the 24th or later, given Google’s product event on that date. This particular model being discussed is the 32GB version, but we’re not certain if it will be available in 16GB as well or if it’s just not going to be offered at this specific outlet. We’ll update you as we learn more about it, but it’s pretty clear that next week’s announcement will be rather significant.

    Update: According to a shot of an inventory screen sent in by our tipster, the retail price for the 32GB model is set at $269.99.

    Update 2: A tipster sent in photos of the alleged device to Android Central. While we can’t know for sure that this is the exact same tablet that we expect to see next week — it could simply be a prototype, for instance — it at least looks quite feasible.

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  • Intel posts Q2 2013 earnings: revenue of $12.8 billion, net profit of $2 billlion

    Intel logo

    Intel just posted decidedly mixed results for the second quarter. While it largely matched its outlook from the first quarter with $12.8 billion in revenue and a healthy net profit of $2 billion, it also saw sharp year-over-year drops in revenue from some of its core divisions. The PC Client Group, which makes the brunt of Intel’s processors, saw its revenue decline 7.5 percent; the Other Intel Architecture Group, which primarily handles mobile chips, faced a 15 percent drop. Intel hasn’t explained the dip, although there are a pair of major factors at work. In addition to facing a very rough PC market, the company only launched its Haswell architecture late in the quarter — there hasn’t been much time for customers to buy the new chips. Intel says there’s “strong acceptance” from early Haswell customers, however, and its outlook for the current quarter is slightly rosier as a result — it expects to make the same $13.5 billion in revenue that we saw a year ago.

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    Source: Intel

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