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  • Apple reportedly hiring new talent to solve iWatch design problems

     Apple reportedly hiring new talent to solve iWatch design problems

    Rumors, suggestions and trademark applications have been building a case for an wrist-worn Apple product for some time now — an official iWatch to fulfill the wearable potential of the iPod Nano. Now, the Financial Times says the company is “aggressively” hiring to help it get the product ready for release. According to the usual sources familiar with the matter, the new staff might have been sought out to help Apple wrap its head around wearable computing, moving the project to the next stage of development. The timing of the hires might also imply that the iWatch won’t be ready until late next year. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, you can always just make your own.

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    Via: MacRumors

    Source: Financial Times

  • Keepin' it real fake: HTC One gets a convincing plastic clone (video)

    Keepin' it real fake HTC One finally gets a convincing plastic clone

    We hate to say this, but the KIRF market is often a good indicator of how popular certain devices are, hence the plentiful fake iPhones and Galaxy phones in China. (Meanwhile, MediaTek is shamelessly cashing in as it ships its SoCs to those cloning factories.) Now, we’re not saying the HTC One doesn’t have any clones, but most of those we’ve seen weren’t very convincing — they were either of different sizes or had very poor build quality. But we eventually stumbled upon a pretty good fake in Huaqiangbei.

    The offending device is pictured above on the left. Externally, it bears a disgustingly strong resemblance to the real deal thanks to the same 4.7-inch screen size, the same curved back, the same micro-SIM tray, the same dual-soft-key layout and even the same metallic chamfer on the front. But if you look closer or touch it even, the tell-tale signs start to show up. See for yourself in the gallery below — the fake One is to the left or on top of the real thing.

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  • The After Math: Nokia puts PureView into the Lumia 1020 and there's a whole lot of gold

    Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week’s tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

    The Aftermath Nokia finally joins PureView and Lumia and a million Pebble apps

    Welcome to this week’s After Math, with Nokia and T-Mobile both holding New York-based events for their future plans. The US carrier continued to roll out its Magenta-hued LTE service across America, while Nokia finally revealed the long-rumored (and often-leaked) Lumia 1020, which brings its high-megapixel-count sensors to its Lumia line — a true PureView Windows Phone. All this in numerot (that’s Finnish for numbers), right after the break.

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  • Moto X's Open Mic demoed, enables voice command when screen is off (video)

    Moto X's Open Mic demoed, enables voice command when screen is off

    Just when we’re getting bored of all these static Moto X leaks, a couple of new video clips popped up to finally show off some of the software goodies. The first one appears to be a leaked Rogers promotional video (embedded after the break), in which a nice lady introduces us to a new Google Now voice command feature, which can be toggled with a custom phrase even when the screen is off. According to another clip uploaded by kronikbudz, said feature is called Open Mic, but there’s no indication as to whether this will be exclusive to Motorola devices or whether it’ll come with the next Android release.

    The Rogers video adds that the Moto X will provide ambient “active updates” notifications on the screen when the phone is locked, and this is pitched as a more sensible replacement for the meaningless blinking light. Later on, the same lady demonstrates how one can activate the phone’s camera — even when locked — by simply twisting the wrist twice. We’re a bit worried that this may allow accidental activations, unless the phone can detect whether it is inside a pocket or bag.

    Finally, the lady says the Moto X will be “exclusively” heading to Rogers this August in either black or white, thus confirming the “late Summer” window that we were previously told. Enjoy your very own exclusivity while it lasts, Mr. Schmidt!

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    Via: MobileSyrup, Android Authority

    Source: Google+, Vimeo

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