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  • Surface RT 16GB gets price cut to $349 at Staples, starting July 14th

    Surface RT 16GB gets price cut to $349 at Staples, starting July 14th

    It didn’t take long for us to grab some important details (well, a time and a place) about an incoming Surface RT price cut. Our source has forwarded a Staples ad — and working link — which reveals that a $150 price cut on the entry-level 32GB Surface RT will start this Sunday 14th July. No word on a discounted Touch Cover option, however, at least not from Staples, but we’ll fill you in if there’s other retailers jumping on the discount.

    (Thanks, Brandon!)

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    Source: Staples (1), (2)

  • In Amazon dispute, EU Court of Justice rules that levies on blank CDs can be collected 'in some cases'

    DNP In Amazon dispute, EU Court of Justice rules that levies on blank CDs can be collected 'in some cases'

    Amazon’s spent quite a bit of time in court as of late; in addition to a recently settled trademark dispute with Apple, a row with an Austrian copyright collection agency is keeping the e-tailer busy. Today, the European Court of Justice ruled that, in some cases, EU countries can collect a levy on blank recording media to ensure that musicians are compensated for their work.

    The key phrase here is “in some cases,” since establishing whether CDs, memory cards, cassette tapes and other media have been used for public consumption isn’t exactly easy — and it’s not yet clear whether Amazon will have to pay the 1.9 million euros in question. The next step will be for the Austrian supreme court to decide whether it can even be determined whether Amazon customers used such blank media for anything other than home videos and mix tapes. After all, some would argue that burning a French-electro mix to torment your coworkers on a nine-hour drive is hardly a crime.

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    Via: Reuters

  • Moto X and HTC One get August street dates on Verizon in leaked roadmap

    DNP Moto Droid X and HTC Hero street dates possibly leaked via Verizon road map

    Verizon’s flagship Moto X will release on August 23rd, according to a leaked road map obtained by PhoneArena. The site also notes that Motorola’s first handset built in the US gives users who order online the choice of separate colors for the back cover and trim and can also be engraved a la iPods and Zune HDs of yore; brick and mortar retail models will be standard black. The document also lists an August 1st release date for the HTC One, a phone we still have a soft spot for. We’ve reached out to the Big Red carrier for confirmation and will update this post accordingly should we hear back.

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    Source: PhoneArena

  • Sprint Unlimited, My Way and All-in plans now official, arrive tomorrow

    Sprint Unlimited, My Way and Allin plans now official, arrive tomorrow

    Sprint’s latest take on unlimited mobile service is now official, and like rumors had suggested, the new plan arrives tomorrow. Known as Unlimited, My Way, the service combines unlimited talk, text and data for $80 per month for a single-line subscription. The new pricing tiers also include multiple line discounts, and the ability to combine feature phones and smartphones under the same umbrella. The My All-in plan is also on deck for arrival tomorrow, which runs $110 and adds 5GB of mobile hotspot usage on top of the Unlimited, My Way plan. Perhaps just as importantly, Sprint’s latest offering also includes a promise from the carrier known as the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee… which according to Dan Hesse, “Allows our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data not for just the next two years, but for life.” Naturally, the caveat here is that prices may increase over the years, but it’s certainly a more dependable approach than you’ll find from the larger carriers.

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