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  • Satellite startup Kymeta announces $50 million in funding from Bill Gates and other backers

    DNP  Satellite startup Kymeta announces $50 million in funding from Bill Gates, other backers

    It’s been nearly a year since Intellectual Ventures announced its satellite communications spinoff Kymeta, but a recent round of funding from heavyweight backers is about to give the company some serious momentum. In a press release today, Kymeta announced $50 million in Series C financing from Bill Gates, Liberty Global and Lux Capital, among other high-profile investors. The company, which is developing a portable satellite broadband receiver under the mTenna brand, currently counts Gates among its board members. Though its products have yet to hit the market, Kymeta’s A-list backing has generated significant interest in its tech, which utilizes metamaterials to deliver stronger broadband signals in a more affordable, energy-efficient efficient package. The company is already in talks with several service providers, and this latest influx of cash should only help expedite development agreements and a commercial launch.

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  • A clear look at LG's upcoming Optimus G2

    A clear look at LG's upcoming Optimus G2

    There’s still one month to go before LG officially unveils its Optimus G successor, but thanks to an anonymous tipster, we have a pretty clear idea of what it’ll look like. Similar to the G2 leaks we’ve seen in the past, this upcoming Android flagship falls more in line with the (LG-made) Nexus 4’s rounded-edge design than the blockiness of the original Optimus G. As you can see in the image above, the purported G2’s 5.2-inch, 1080p display is surrounded by very little bezel, making it appear near edge-to-edge. LG’s also foregoing the three capacitive Android navigation buttons featured on the original G in favor of an onscreen (stock Android-like) arrangement. On back, we can clearly see LG is indeed going forward with that quirky volume rocker placement, which puts the controls just below the camera — rumored to be a 13-megapixel module.

    Further corroborating earlier reports and LG’s own official confirmation, our tipster pegs the G2’s processor as a Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3GHz and paired with 2GB RAM. And although there are no visible signs of carrier branding on its glossy chassis, this particular G2 variant is supposedly headed to Sprint. Which, if true, lines up with the legacy set by the Sprint Optimus G — a device that also launched free of the Now Network’s logo. Apart from a few screens showing the launcher, camera UI and one of LG’s various lockscreen options, there’s not much more we know about its spec list (i.e. battery size). Though we fully expect more details to leak out in the run-up to August 7th. For now, check out the mini-gallery below and an additional, close up photo of the G2’s volume rocker just after the break.

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  • AT&T teases July 16th event, wants us to 'get ready for what's next'

    AT&T teases July 16th event, wants us to 'get ready for what's next'

    AT&T is attempting to cater to the Boy / Girl Scout in each of us: the carrier wants us to be prepared for what’s coming. What this particular piece of news is, we’re not quite certain, but it’s apparently something AT&T is rather proud of. Beneath the teaser, the company boasts quotes from various publications about the strength, speed and expansiveness of its network, which means this is likely related to something in that sphere. Based on that, we’re hoping this means we’ll hear some promising news about LTE-Advanced; either way, we’ll be waiting until July 16th to learn more about what the company has planned.

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  • Nokia to update Here Drive and Transit apps, release Drive+ for all WP8 handsets

    Nokia to update Here Drive and Transit apps, release Drive for all WP8 handsets

    Nokia’s Here Drive+ global sat-nav app for Windows Phone 8, currently exclusive to certain Lumia handsets, will be available to all devices running Redmond’s mobile OS when it gets updated “by the end of this week.” In addition to wider availability, the app refresh will see the integration of local traffic information and bring a “more intuitive user interface.” Also, the new My Commute feature will make its debut, which monitors traffic along your common route and gives you an estimated travel time so you can plan accordingly. It’ll also let you know if things change while you’re on the road and offer up different routes if it spots a jam up ahead. An identical update will be applied to Here Drive, the non-exclusive version of Drive+ that’s tied to one country (read: local navigation license). In tandem with the Drive apps, Nokia’s Here Transit app for planning journeys on public transport will be updated with a redesigned user interface.

    Drive+ global navigation doesn’t come free, however, even for those packing a Lumia 720, 520 or 521 variant (those handsets only have the standard Drive app pre-installed). A global license which turns Drive into Drive+ costs 15.49 euro (nearly $20) in some countries, such as the US, Canada and the UK, and 34.99 euro (almost $45) elsewhere; Here Transit will also come at a price of 1.99 euro (around $2.50) in these regions. There’s table after the break which neatly lays out what costs what where, and you can hit up the PR if you feel you haven’t done enough reading already.

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