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  • SpaceX shows off new nav gear with latest Grasshopper rocket launch-and-landing (video)

    DNP SpaceX tests new rocket, totally sticks the landing

    We’ve been watching as the SpaceX Grasshopper’s leap has grown higher and higher with each successive launch (and landing!), and the rocket’s flights never fail to impress. The reusable spacecraft’s latest test is no exception: this time, the ‘hopper sailed past its previous 840 feet record, stopping at 1,066 feet. According to the company, the launch had a “more precise” landing thanks to new sensors that measure distance between the ground and the vessel. It shows. The touch-down is both noticeably smoother than previous efforts and drama free compared to Russia’s explosive incident in Kazakhstan. The private spaceflight company’s latest video is after the break — do yourself a favor and watch it in HD.

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    Source: SpaceX (YouTube)

  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition: what's different?

    DNP  Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition what's different

    Several days ago we received a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition to play with and shared our first impressions. This week we take a closer look at what’s different between this handset and its TouchWiz-equipped cousins by scrutinizing the benchmarks, battery life and camera performance. Samsung pleasantly surprised us at Google I/O when it announced a Galaxy S 4 running stock Android. HTC then joined the party with its own unskinned superphone, the One. This Galaxy S 4, which landed in the Play store on June 26th for $649 contract-free, is identical to T-Mobile’s 16GB model and shares the same specs. So, what does stock Android bring to this flagship? How does it compare to the TouchWiz versions? Is anything left behind? Finally, is this Google Play edition worth the extra cash? Hit the break to find out.

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  • Hulu bids are in, if it sells then the next owner's identity may hinge on video rights

    Take two of the sale of Hulu is approaching its inevitable end, as multiple sources report the final bids have come in. Currently the site is owned by Disney, Fox and Comcast, while reported interested buyers include DirecTV, Chernin Group / AT&T and Guggenheim Digital Media. Of the potential buyers, The Hollywood Reporter reports Guggenheim would be the one most likely to retain the site’s “entreprenurial spirit,” while DirecTV may want to use it both as a part of its satellite package and as a standalone business. Finally the Chernin Group is reportedly backed by AT&T, which may have goals similar to those of DirecTV.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the site’s current owners are considering how potential buyers will want to license content going forward as part of the bids, with potential restrictions on their top rated shows, or longer windows before content is available on Hulu. We’ll have to wait and find out who had the best pitch before we move on to the next step — deciding if whatever Hulu becomes under new ownership is still worth visiting.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter

  • Video claims to show budget iPhone, will sell you Android imitation today

    Polished video claims to show budget iPhone, will sell you Android imitation today

    Some things just look too good to be true, and this extremely polished hands-on — purporting to be the rumored, as yet unconfirmed budget iPhone — is possibly one of them. However, this comes via sources associated with M.I.C. Gadget, which has previous form in this area, and it does tally with previously seen incarnations. So, is this just a collection of design cues put together in order to sell the “Bear” brand Android imitation shown later in the same video (past the break,) or could it be the real iPhone housing? At the moment we’re buying neither, but with such a detailed set of images (at the source,) it provides a tantalising taste of what could be, if nothing else.

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    Source: Techdy

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