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  • Instagram for iOS gets landscape mode, Cinema stabilization support for front-facing cameras

    Today, the Instagram app for iOS gets a new landscape mode for both pics and video. This will be good news to anyone who’s had the frustrating experience of taking photo or video while holding the phone sideways, only for Instagram to not flip your masterpiece accordingly. That new orientation option isn’t the only big tweak in version 4.0.2, as the update also brings Cinema stabilization support to front-facing cameras. Head to the source link below to download the refresh, then find yourself a sunset to snap.

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    Source: Instagram (iTunes)

  • Evernote for Windows Touch gets a redesign, two-step verification


    Couple of updates to Evernote for Windows Touch users: for starters, the app’s hub page has been redesigned for a better fingers-on experience, bringing handy columns for notes, shortcuts created across different platforms and Notebooks. The Windows Touch app now includes support for Evernote Business, as well — Notebooks created for that side of things will appear in blue, so you can tell them apart from the personal notebooks sitting in your hub. Also new is two-step verification for added security. A full list of updates to the pachyderm-friendly note-taking platform can be found in the source link below.

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  • FCC clears the way for unification of Sprint, Softbank and Clearwire

    As expected and predicted, today the Federal Communications Commission approved the merger of American mobile company Sprint with Japanese mobile giant Softbank and broadband service company Clearwire. In its conclusion, the FCC writes, “approval of the proposed transactions, subject to the conditions set forth herein, is in the public interest.” This comes just a week after Sprint shareholders gave the thumbs up for proceedings to go forward, and a few weeks after the US Department of Justice did the same. Further, the conclusion goes on to say that the deal has “public interest benefits that likely would result from the proposed transaction, and thus we conclude that the transaction is in the public interest.”

    The tri-company transaction is through the wringer of governmental bureaucracy, but still has to receive approval from Clearwire’s shareholders; that decision is expected on July 8th, and its board of directors have reportedly recommended approval.

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    Source: FCC, Sprint

  • Nintendo confirms Wii Vitality Sensor's death, says it produced inconsistent results

    Nintendo confirms Wii Vitality Sensor cancellation, says it produced inconsistent results

    Oh Wii Vitality Sensor, we hardly knew ye… in that we didn’t know you at all. Nintendo introduced the pulse-sensing Wii peripheral at its E3 2009 stage show, and said we’d hear more in “the future.” That future never came, despite occasional assurances that the device still existed. During a recent Q&A with Nintendo head Satoru Iwata, an analyst brought up the device once more, and Iwata said it encountered too many issues in quality assurance testing to bring to market.

    “We have not been able to launch it as a commercial product because we could not get it to work as we expected and it was of narrower application than we had originally thought,” he told investors. According to Iwata’s estimates, approximately 90 out of 100 people were able to use the Vitality Sensor without a hitch, though he (thankfully) requires that it work with “1,000 of 1,000 people.” However, he admitted “but [since we use the living body signal with individual differences] it is a little bit of a stretch to make it applicable to every single person.” He’d still love to make the Vitality Sensor a reality “if technology enhancements” allow, but thus far, testing renders it “insufficient as a commercial product.”

    In other Nintendo news, Iwata assured investors that he will continue to monitor employee cafeteria quality-related concerns. Seriously though, that was a question.

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