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  • Samsung unveils 20-megapixel WB110 bridge camera with 26x optical zoom

    Samsung unveils 20megapixel WB110 bridge camera with 26x optical zoom

    While its mostly been busy blurring the lines between smartphone and camera lately, Samsung’s still churning out regular shooters as well. Case in point: it just launched the WB110, a 20-megapixel successor to last year’s 16-megapixel model packing the same 26x optical zoom. That’s far from superzooms like Nikon’s 42x P520, but Samsung’s model does go a touch wider with a 35mm equivalent range of 22.3mm to 580mm. Other highlights include 720p AVC/H.264 video, 3,200 max ISO, Smart Auto mode to aid in tricky still and movie exposures, a pop-up flash and a 3-inch HVGA (480 x 360) display. None of those specs will set the world on fire, so hopefully the price won’t burn your wallet once Samsung gets around to announcing it. There’s no date for availability either, but the rest of the story’s in the PR after the break.

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  • Editorial: High Fidelity Pure Audio starting a noble but losing battle

    Editorial High Fidelity Pure Audio starting a noble but losing battle

    The announcement is wrapped in an aura of déjà vu: Universal Music Group is marketing an uncompressed, high-end digital audio format for Blu-ray called High Fidelity Pure Audio (HFPA). Where standard CD audio is 44.1KHz at 16 bits, HFPA’s A2D sampling rate clocks in at a sky-high 96KHz at 24 bits.

    Analog elitists will maintain that even extremely refined sampling is inherently inferior to capturing unchopped waveforms, and while that argument is fun to test, it is academic in the context of wide consumer adoption. Can a new audiophile format gain traction in a technomusical world governed by convenience and mobility?

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  • Dell mulls entry into wearable tech, says tablet sales aren't so hot

    Dell XPS 10

    Wearable technology is all the rage these days, and Dell isn’t immune to the peer pressure: its global VP of personal computing, Sam Burd, tells the Guardian that his company is “exploring ideas” in the field. While it’s not clear just how serious plans would be at this stage, Burd notes that the idea of a Dell smartwatch is alluring. He can’t champion his firm’s tablet sales, however. Dell has reportedly sold just “hundreds of thousands” of Windows 8 and RT slates like the Latitude 10 and XPS 10. The executive predicts a sales boost as corporate customers adapt to Windows’ new interface, but he’s cautious — he believes that the young platform has to grow before clients (and rivals) take notice.

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  • Programming is FUNdamental: A closer look at Code.org's star-studded computer science campaign

    Codeorg's starstudded computer science campaign

    “All these people who’ve made it big have their own variation of the same story, where they felt lucky to be exposed to computer programming at the right age, and it bloomed into something that changed their life,” explains the organization’s co-founder, Ali Partovi, seated in the conference room of one of the many successful startups he’s helped along the way. The Iranian-born serial entrepreneur has played a role in an impressive list of companies, including the likes of Indiegogo, Zappos and Dropbox. Along with his twin brother, Hadi, he also co-founded music-sharing service iLike.

    Unlike past offerings from the brothers, Code.org is a decidedly non-commercial entity, one aimed at making computer science and programming every bit as essential to early education as science or math. For the moment, the organization is assessing just how to go about changing the world. The site currently offers a number of resources for bootstrappers looking to get started in the world of coding. There are simple modules from Scratch, Codecademy, Khan Academy and others, which can help users tap into the buzz of coding their first rectangle, along with links to apps and online tutorials. The organization is also working to build a comprehensive database of schools offering computer science courses and soliciting coders interested in teaching.

    Programming is FUNdamental A closer look at Codeorg's starstudded computer science campaign

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