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  • German retailer puts Samsung ATIV Q up for pre-order, suggests it'll cost €1,599
    German retailer puts Samsung ATIV Q up for preorder, suggests it'll cost 1,599

    Samsung released a plethora of shiny new products at its Premiere 2013 event last month, but the company didn’t exactly dive into too many pricing and availability specifics. One of these novel devices was the ATIV Q, a 13.3-inch, 3,200 x 1,800 slider that runs both Windows 8 and Android (4.2). Now, if German retailer ARLT Computer is to be believed, Samsung’s intriguing machine could come with a hefty €1,599 price tag in Europe — a figure the company hasn’t confirmed yet. Furthermore, the listing on the pre-order page suggests the ATIV Q could go on sale as early as July 8th, though according to Notebook Italia, the outfit has said the dual-OS device won’t be available until sometime in August. Either way, it won’t be too long before it hits shelves, so it looks like you may need to break that piggy bank soon enough.

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    Via: Notebook Italia

    Source: ARLT Computer

  • Make beautiful, fiery music with Adafruit's DIY MIDI-controlled flame organ (video)

    DNP Make beautiful, fiery music with Adafruit's DIY MIDIcontrolled flame organ video

    Eyebrows in the way? Singe them off with Adafruit’s DIY flame organ, debuting just in time for the holiday weekend. If fireworks aren’t enough to put the sizzle in your Independence Day party, all you need to light up your very own MIDI instrument are a few relays, solenoid valves, a digital music workstation (Adafruit recommends Livid Instruments’ BASE paired with Ableton Live and Pure Data) and a blatant disregard for your own mortality. The official tutorial is still in the works, but you can watch the flame organ blaze with a patriotic tune after the break. If you’re brave — or foolish — enough to attempt to build one of your own, just promise us that you won’t drink and DIY.

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    Source: Adafruit

  • Firefox OS hands-on: Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open (video)

    Firefox OS hands-on: Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open

    We’ve crossed paths with Firefox OS before, but today marks the first time we’ve used handsets running the final build of Mozilla’s mobile OS. The Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open you see above are the same phones we played with at MWC earlier this year — in fact, the latter just launched in Spain on Telefónica for €69 ($90) unsubsidized including €30 ($39) of airtime for prepaid customers. We took both devices for a brief spin and immediately noticed a slight improvement in performance. Check out our hands-on gallery below and video after the break.

    Note: While the ZTE Open we handled was Movistar branded, it’s launching on Telefónica today for €69 (no €63 as mentioned in the our video).

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  • Ex-Xbox chief Don Mattrick lands at Zynga, officially (update: Ballmer memo)

    We just got the news that ex-head of Xbox, Don Mattrick, was out at Microsoft, and now we know where he’s going: Zynga. AllThingsD reports that Mattrick is officially the new CEO of the casual social gaming firm, and Mark Pincus, the current CEO, is stepping down from that position to make room for Mattrick’s arrival. Fear not for Pincus, however, as the founder of Zynga will maintain a role at the company as chairman and chief product officer. Naturally, Zynga’s thrilled with the hire, though we’re still waiting word from Redmond on the matter. You can get Pincus’ take on Mattrick at the source below.

    Update: Steve Ballmer has posted a memo about Mattrick’s departure, calling it “a great opportunity for Don” and thanking him for his hard work at Microsoft.

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    Via: AllThingsD

    Source: Zynga

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