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  • Nokia RM-875 reaches the FCC, may be an international EOS

    Nokia RM875 reaches the FCC, looks like an international EOS

    Nokia keeps slipping out clues as to what we might expect from its Zoom Reinvented event: following the RM-877’s appearance at the FCC, an RM-875 device has also popped up at the US agency. This new hardware looks like an international variant of the RM-877, and thus a second take on what we believe is the EOS. The RM-875 sheds its sibling’s 1,700MHz HSPA+ data and switches the LTE to more exotic 850MHz, 1,800MHz, 2,100MHz and 2,500MHz frequencies, but it’s otherwise a near perfect match in terms of dimensions and antenna layouts. The camera grip accessory and wireless charging cover persist, too. As such, it’s quite possible that whatever Nokia unveils on July 11th will ship worldwide — let’s just hope it ships quickly.

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    Source: FCC

  • Twitter acquires Spindle, a 'news feed for your neighborhood'

    Twitter acquires Spindle, a social network with an emphasis on local updates

    Good news for the folks at Spindle came today, as the provider of hyperlocal offers from businesses was acquired by Twitter. Described by the company as, “a tool for turning into your surroundings,” the service pulls updates from Twitter and Facebook and categorizes offers around themes such as restaurants and shopping. Spindle also includes a social element, with the ability to share check-ins through Facebook and Twitter. The service is currently limited to 11 cities, which includes New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, but according to the company, “By joining forces with Twitter, we can do so much more to help you find interesting, timely, and useful information about what’s happening around you.”



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  • Stratasys to acquire 3D printing company MakerBot for $403 million in stock

    Stratasys, an Israeli-based 3D printer and additive manufacturer has just agreed to acquire 3D printing company MakerBot for a proposed amount of $403 million in stock. They’ve announced a “definitive merger agreement” where MakerBot would converge with a subsdiary of Stratasys in a stock-for-stock transaction. After selling more than 22,000 3D printers since its inception in 2009, MakerBot is seen as a leader and pioneer in the 3D printing space, and about 11,000 of those sales were due to the Replicator 2 alone. MakerBot will operate as a separate entity with its own branding and marketing as part of the deal, and will provide an affordable 3D printing market for Stratasys. If all goes well with the regulators, it should be done by the third quarter of 2013.


  • Microsoft reportedly neared deal for Nokia's device business, but talks broke down

    Microsoft was reportedly near deal for Nokia's device business, but talks broke down

    It’s often been rumored that Microsoft had an eye on Nokia’s handset business. It made perfect sense for both companies — one a struggling pioneer of the mobile industry and the other a struggling stalwart from the first wave of smartphones. According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, the two were actually quite close to striking a deal and were having “advanced talks” in London as recently as this month. But, according to the all-too-familiar “people familiar with the matter,” those talks have broken down. Those same sources say it was Microsoft that walked away from the table over concerns about Nokia’s asking price, especially in light of its continued failure to put a significant dent in Apple and Samsung’s market share. Though it seems like dreams of a Microsoft-Nokia merger are dead for the moment, don’t expect the disagreement to severely affect the duo’s partnership. Nokia is still reliant on Microsoft’s help to stand out in the market and Microsoft needs the Finnish manufacturer to keep pumping out flagship handsets with Windows Phone on them.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal

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