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  • Google Drive now stores your stuff in 18 more languages

    Google Drive photos

    Although Google Drive has spread far and wide, its localization hasn’t always kept pace. The service just took a few needed strides forward, however, with the addition of 18 new languages. Asia gets the most recognition with support for Hong Kong Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Malaysian, Nepali, Persian, Sinhalese and Urdu. Not that Google is neglecting other corners of the world, mind you: Africa is well-covered with the additions of Afrikaans, Amharic, Swahili and Zulu, while Europeans get some TLC through support for Basque, Estonian, Galician and Icelandic. French Canadians and Spanish-speaking Latin Americans get localizations, too. Google Drive still isn’t tuned for every language on Earth, but those with cloud storage in Cape Town or Kuala Lumpur should feel at home.

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    Source: Google Drive Blog

  • Editorial: What internet radio needs to disrupt actual radio

    Editorial What internet radio needs to disrupt actual radio

    “Internet radio” is usually a misnomer, as well as an indicator of its ambition. The term “radio” is misapplied to internet services like AOL Radio, Rhapsody Radio, the upcoming iTunes Radio and their ilk. All these mediums are unrelated to radio technology. But for most people, “radio” simply means something you turn on and listen to. As a marketing term, “radio” seeks to accustom users to new technology by connecting it with familiar technology. Pandora describes itself as “free, personalized radio.”

    The business intent in all cases is more ambitious — to wean people from the terrestrial radio habit and migrate them to online services. Will it work?

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  • Google challenges FISA court on government data requests, asks for ability to release more details

    Google and other companies have already made general calls for more transparency in the wake of the PRISM revelations, and it looks like Mountain View is now escalating those requests to a court challenge. As The Washington Post reports, Google is asking the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for some additional leeway with the government requests for data that it’s able to disclose, and it’s citing the First Amendment to make its case.

    In a statement provided to us (included in full after the break), a Google spokesperson says that the company is specifically asking the court to let it “publish aggregate numbers of national security requests, including FISA disclosures, separately,” adding that “lumping national security requests together with criminal requests – as some companies have been permitted to do – would be a backward step for our users.” That’s in line with a statement Google made on Friday, which was echoed by Twitter, although there’s no word yet on it or any other companies joining Google in the court challenge at this time.

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    Source: The Washington Post

  • GameStick delayed until August while waiting for user UI feedback

    GameStick delayed until August while waiting for user UI feedback

    GameStick first appeared around the the first of this year, promising its Kickstarter supporters an Android gaming console that looks more Roku Streaming Stick than OUYA. Since then, GameStick has gathered its cash and started shipping out dev units, but its commercial release has already been delayed once, and today the project got pushed back another month. That means that GameSticks won’t start shipping until early August.

    The reason for the delay is that the device’s UI remains a work in progress and the team hasn’t yet given backers who pledged $300 or more the chance to provide feedback. It’s not all bad news, however, as the folks behind GameStick have confirmed that manufacturing tooling is complete, and the first Kickstarter controller has rolled off the line. Not only that, but you can see shots of the final versions of the GameSick itself and its controller’s charging dock at the source link below.

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    Source: Kickstarter

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