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  • Leaked Windows 8.1 screenshots show off Xbox Music, Movie Moments apps

    Leaked Windows 81 screenshots show off Xbox Music, Movie Moments apps

    We already know about Microsoft’s impending Windows 8 overhaul, but previews of app specific updates have been few and far between. Now, thanks to an apparent Windows Store update on leaked builds, we’re starting to see what kind of updates we can expect. In addition to updates for the news, weather, travel, finance and sports apps (see the video after the break), images are leaking for the OS’ new calculator application, sound recorder, Movie Moments and an Xbox Music redesign. It’s hard to judge these tweaks without actually handling the update ourselves, but we’ll say it again for good measure: we may have to review Windows 8 all over again.


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  • iOS 7 gamepad leaked, features blurry Logitech G logo

    iOS 7 gamepad leaked, features blurry Logitech G logo

    Apple may consider the iPhone to be a gaming device, but even it’s willing to admit that traditional gaming demands a proper gamepad. The folks at Logitech apparently agree, and seem to be preparing to release an iPhone 5-compatible gamepad with its G-prefix branding. An image acquired by Kotaku shows four-button Logitech gamepad build around an iPhone shaped hole. A Lightning connector pokes at of the gap’s right side, indicating a hard-wired (or at least device powered) peripheral. According to Kotaku, this will be just one of several third-party gamepads designed for iOS 7’s Game Center overhaul, and Apple won’t be providing a first-party solution, either. The blurry image ought to be flavored with the standard amount sodium chloride, but we wouldn’t scoff at an officially supported gamepad solution.

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  • The After Math: E3 2013 and WWDC 2013

    Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week’s tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

    The After Math E3 2013 vs WWDC 2013

    It was a week where Engadget somehow managed dueling liveblogs. Apple revealed its new mobile operating system, while Microsoft revealed more of its plans for the Xbox One, kicking off a week of gaming news from E3 2013 in LA. Sony soon followed, showing off its console for real, and pricing it a hundred dollars less than Microsoft’s next-gen console. Sure, the war isn’t over yet, but Sony can arguably claim victory at this year’s Los Angeles battle. So let’s talk numbers, right after the break.

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  • Spot Global Phone review: a satellite phone for the masses

    Spot Global Phone review a satellite phone for the masses

    Finally, a phone made in the year 2013 that Zack Morris can approve of. All kidding aside, Spot’s aptly titled Global Phone isn’t the most — shall we say, svelte — of handsets, but it’s capable of communicating in places that your iPhone could only dream of. Spot is actually a subsidiary of satellite communications giant Globalstar, who is no stranger to providing satellite-based service to argonauts the world over. The Global Phone is one of the company’s first consumer-facing phones, taking the intrigue and mystery out of procuring one of those fancy sat phones — you know, the ones that can seemingly only be acquired by James Bond’s nemeses.

    The target market for this handset is obvious: if you’re an avid hiker, explorer, boater or adventurer, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll end up in a locale where traditional cell networks provide no coverage. In fact, it’s shockingly easy to find dead zones these days — just head to your nearest national park and stroll up a marked trail for a bit. At $499 for the device itself and month-to-month plans starting at $25, it’s actually a reasonably priced addition to one’s off-the-grid arsenal. (Have you seen the prices on subzero sleeping bags these days?)

    But, is it a worthwhile addition? I recently traversed 1,600 miles of mostly desolate territory in the US Southwest in order to find out, and the answer lies just after the break.

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