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  • Alt-week 6.15.13: Chris Hadfield's retirement, invisibility cloaks and dino-bird feathers
    Alt-week takes a look at the best science and alternative tech stories from the last seven days.

    Altweek 61513 Chris Hadfield retires, invisibility cloaks and energyscavenging micro devices

    What goes up must eventually come down, and shortly after landing on Terra Firma from his last of three ISS missions, Chris Hadfield has resigned from the Canadian Space Agency. That leaves us to wax poetic on his legacy of space education and other oddities, while we also make goldfish disappear and admire dinosaur plumage. Welcome to alt-week.

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  • Wacom Cintiq 13HD review: a space-saving pen display for designers

    Wacom Cintiq 13HD review: a space-saving pen display for designers

    When Wacom teased a tablet-sized device a few months back, our curiosity was immediately piqued. However, the next reveal from the pen-wielding-peripheral company was actually the Cintiq 13HD — a product more in line with the outfit’s existing displays. We guess we’ll just have to keep waiting patiently for that truly mobile input device. For now, though, the 13-inch pen display sports that tablet form factor, but remains a dedicated tethered peripheral for artists, designers and photographers. While the device still offers the capable, user-configurable ExpressKeys and mighty Cintiq pen, are the omission of touch gestures and the need to remain wired to your desktop or laptop dealbreakers? Read on to see what we discovered.

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  • Smartisan OS goes pre-alpha, available for international Galaxy S III only (video)

    Smartisan OS now available in prealpha status, international Galaxy S III only

    You may recall that a Chinese startup dubbed Smartisan promised to offer its first custom Android ROM on June 15th. Well, the time has come and the company stuck to its word, but there’s a catch: the software is currently still in pre-alpha status, so it’s neither stable nor speedy — definitely not recommended for daily use just yet. That said, the release apparently includes most of the features demonstrated at the three-hour-long launch event.

    The other catch is that you’ll need an international Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300, WCDMA) plus Windows (presumably non-RT) to flash this early version of Smartisan OS. If you’re game then head to the source link for the download and the instructions (but in Chinese). If not, you can wait for the upcoming release for the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S II, Xiaomi Phone 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note II. Or you can just wait for Smartisan’s very own phone due next year, if you don’t mind testing your patience.

    Update: Someone’s already made a quick hands-on video in Chinese. We’ve got it right after the break.

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    Via: Engadget China

    Source: Smartisan

  • Anki Drive isn't just a car racing game, it's an iOS-based robotics platform

    Anki Drive isn't a just car racing game, it's an iOSbased robotics platform

    When Anki Drive was demoed live on stage during Apple’s WWDC, we saw a modern take on classic slot cars using iOS devices and Bluetooth-equipped toy vehicles — basically a racing video game rendered with real world objects. But there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Earlier this week, we talked briefly with Boris Sofman — Anki’s CEO and cofounder — about the product and the startup’s history and ambitions. While playing the game and taking pictures was off limits, we got the opportunity to examine the cars up close. Read on after the break.

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