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  • AT&T GoPhone plans to support LTE, drop most data add-ons on June 21st

    Samsung Galaxy Express

    AT&T hinted that it was shaking up its GoPhone plans later this month, and it’s making good on its word. As of June 21st, customers using the prepaid service will have access to the same LTE service as their subscription peers; AT&T will mark the occasion by selling the Samsung Galaxy Express to GoPhone users at $250 off-contract. The simplified smartphone plans are here as well, although they’re better than previously expected. The carrier is dropping all data add-ons except for the $5 / 50MB pack, which is only available for a $25 monthly tier with 250 voice minutes and unlimited messaging. However, it will only cost $40 a month for a plan with 200MB of data and 500 minutes, and a $60 plan will offer 2GB of data with unlimited voice. AT&T’s new strategy won’t appease some data lovers, but those trying to avoid long contracts and harsh upgrade policies should be happy.

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    Source: AT&T

  • Editor's Letter: E3 vs. WWDC

    In each issue of Distro, Editor-in-chief Tim Stevens publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

    DNP Editor's Letter E3 vs WWDC

    One major press event going on means we need to get our game faces on. Two happening simultaneously? Hoo boy, that raises the stakes. This year we had full teams on the ground in both San Francisco and Los Angeles for the dueling media extravaganzas that were E3 and WWDC. In one, we learned a lot about two incredible new gaming systems and saw dozens of fantastic new games. In the other? Two new important operating systems, one new laptop and a new desktop that even Mac haters will have to admit is quite a thing.

    We’ll start with WWDC, since I was actually there for that one, and the biggest news of the day was the long-awaited unveiling of iOS 7. Apple reps were merciless in their ire toward the former versions’ skeuomorphic tendencies, poking fun at the green velvet, the mock stitching and the faux surfaces that previously played such a big part of the iPhone and iPad experience. Now things are rather simpler — and a bit more abstract.

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  • HTC applies for 'Fetch' trademark, tracking device passes through Taiwan's NCC

    HTC applies for 'Fetch' trademark, tracking device passes through Taiwan's NCC

    Just what the heck is the HTC Fetch? Well, it’s certainly not a phone. In fact, it appears to be some sort of tracking device according to a filling with Taiwan’s NCC. Unfortunately, beyond some broad strokes describing the device in a US trademark filing, we’re left with only our imagination to figure out how the Fetch might work. Apparently it’s a “portable multifunction electronic tracking device for assistance in locating mobile phones, smartphones, cellular phones, portable computers, tablet computers…” The list goes on and on. We do know there’s both a hardware (potentially Bluetooth-powered) and software component, and that while there’s a lot of talk about finding lost phones or laptops, HTC also sees the potential for “tracking and locating people.” Now it’s just a waiting game to find out if the company has any intention of actually selling tracking accessories.

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    Source: eprice.com.hk, Justia Trademarks

  • Facebook to host new product launch on June 20th

    Facebook sends invites to new product launch on June 20th

    In case you’re interested, June 20th is a Thursday. It’s more than that to Facebook, though: apparently that is the day the social network will show off a new product, or as the company puts it, a “big idea” coming from a small team. As to what this particular event — to be held in Menlo Park — could bring to the table, you now know exactly as much as we do; with recent talk regarding Facebook’s interest in building an RSS reader, that rumor would certainly be a good stab in the dark. What’s even more odd, however, is the method by which the press is receiving the invitation: the good old-fashioned postal service. Let us know in the comments if you have any particular theories on what it could all mean.

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    Source: ABC News

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