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  • Engadget Mobile Podcast 182 – 06.12.13

    Engadget Mobile Podcast 179 - 05.09.13

    While yesterday’s HD Podcast was the place to be to get away from Apple news, this week’s Mobile episode successfully evens the tides. Beyond all the iOS 7 talk, we try to figure out the difference between a camera phone and phone camera and Myriam goes on a topic-hunting adventure. Guide your pointer to the stream below to listen in and party-on — “Pump up the jams, pump it up.”

    Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen

    Producer: Joe Pollicino

    Music: TychoCoastal Brake (Ghostly International)

    Hear the podcast

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  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida talks Remote Play ubiquity on PlayStation 4, not bundling the Eye with the console

    With the PlayStation 4, unlike the PlayStation 3 before it, Remote Play functionality on Vita is handled on a system level. Though Sony’s asking developers to take into account the Vita’s different button setup and additional input mechanisms that the portable console has, the actual act of enabling Remote Play is handled by the PlayStation 4 itself. “On PlayStation4 , it just happens. You just make a PS4 game, it supports Remote Play,” Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told us in an interview at E3.

    We’d asked whether Sony’s “mandating” Remote Play functionality from developers, and Yoshida first explained how it worked on the PlayStation 3 to offer some context. “The single biggest issue, why there are not many PlayStation 3 games that support Remote Play, was that it was optional — the system didn’t do much. The game has to set aside some memory or CPU to be able to do that, and usually, memory is the most precious resource that [development] teams fight amongst each other for. So when it comes down to the priorities, these are features that are very easy to drop,” he told us. The idea with PS4 is that, by offloading responsibility for Remote Play support to the console itself, developers are freed up to make the control tweaks necessary for a comfy experience playing a PS4 game remotely on Vita.

    “Please make sure that when you play your games on Vita, the control is good. That’s the minimum thing we’re asking them to do,” he added. All that said, not every single PlayStation 4 game will work with Remote Play — “Maybe not Just Dance,” Yoshida offered with a laugh when we asked. That’s a pretty reasonable exception if you ask us, and it sounds like only games that require the PS4 Eye or Move (or some other such input method that’s impossible to emulate on Vita) are on that excepted list.

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  • Google Street View adds 1,001 new destinations, lets you explore from afar
    Google wants to take you on a journey with 1,001 new destinations in Street View

    The folks from Mountain View are constantly adding more and more features to Street View — and, well, today’s no exception. Via its Maps blog, Google announced that it’s giving Street View a hefty boost by adding over 1,000 fresh destinations to the mix, noting that the idea is to make it “more comprehensive and useful for you.” There’s new imagery from places in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada and, of course, the US, allowing users to check out sites like the Seville Cathedral (Spain), Bosque de Chapultepec (Mexico), The Mark Twain House (USA) and many, many others. Google’s highlighted some of these new destinations on its website, so pay the source link below a visit if you’re interested in a quick, virtual tour around the world.

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    Source: Google

  • Google Play Music update aims to address data usage complaints

    Mobile data caps have been the enemy of Google Play Music for quite some time, but a new update, available in the Play Store today, might provide a quick fix. By default, the service streams music at the highest quality possible on a given connection, so it wasn’t always friendly to users dealing with data limits. With this update, Google is aiming to decrease the amount of overall data the app uses while providing more bandwidth usage settings. Additionally, the update boasts improved search quality and faster music downloads. Hopefully, Google will continue to work out the kinks before its forthcoming iOS All Access rollout. In the meantime, Google Play Music users can mosey on over to the source link below to download the latest version.

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    Source: Google Play Store

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