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  • Oculus Rift HD prototype VR headset appears at E3, we go hands (and eyes) on

    Oculus Rift HD prototype VR headset appears at E3, we go hands and eyes on

    We’ve been impressed with Oculus Rift from the start, and have been following the VR headset closely ever since. The developer edition has been in the hands of devs for a couple months now, and while Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell have certainly received rave reviews of the headset from many, they still have received lots of feedback about ways to improve it. The number one ask from users and devs? A higher-resolution screen than the 1280 x 800 panel in the dev device. Well, after months of research and tinkering to find the right hardware combination, team Oculus is finally ready to show off a Rift with a 1080 x 1920 display, and we got to demo the thing.

    Before heading into the land of 1080p, we got to explore a demo built with Unreal Engine 4 in the existing dev headset. After looking around a snowy mountain stronghold inhabited by a fire lord in low res, we switched to the exact same demo running at 60fps on the HD prototype device — and the difference was immediately apparent. Surface textures could be seen in much higher fidelity, colors were brighter and less muddied and the general detail of the entire environment was greatly improved.

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  • RunKeeper for iOS gets new social feed and leaderboard


    The fitness app RunKeeper already lets you check stats on your smartwatch, but what is activity tracking without a public shaming social component? Starting today, the iOS version of the app includes a new feed for viewing your friends’ logged workouts along with your own, complete with the ability to comment on and “like” activities à la Facebook. Version 3.5 also adds a leaderboard, which ranks how you stack up against your pals. Hardly earth-shattering features, but the competitive bent might motivate you to push through an extra mile or two. Grab the update via the source link below.

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    Source: RunKeeper (iTunes)

  • Verizon FiOS Mobile arrives on Android, lets you watch live TV and video on demand
    Verizon FiOS Mobile arrives on Android, lets you watch live TV and video on demand

    The iOS crowd has been able to enjoy Verizon’s FiOS Mobile service for some time now, but now it’s the Android faithful’s turn to finally experience what they’ve been missing. The application, which is said to be compatible with “many of your favorite Android enabled devices,” gives FiOS subscribers the ability to live stream (some) channels and have access to on-demand video content right from their smartphone or tablet. Not surprisingly, a TV subscription is a must, meaning that folks who are on an internet-only plan won’t be able to enjoy what the app has to offer. Verizon FiOS Mobile is now up for grabs via Google Play, so hit that source link below and let us know in the comments if it was worth the wait.

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    Source: Google Play, Twitter (VerizonFiOS)

  • Let's take a closer look at the PlayStation 4, DualShock 4 and PS4 Eye (video)

    After getting a deeper hands-on with the PlayStation 4 and its very thorough tech demo today, The Playroom, we wanted to show you how all the bells and whistles of the new console, its new controller and the new PlayStation 4 Eye. So we shot a video with Sony Japan’s Nicolas Doucet and walked through the game’s various demos. If you’re looking for a thorough walkthrough of the various new PlayStation hardware, look no further. It’s just below the break.

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