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  • We're live from E3 2013 in Los Angeles!

    We're live from E3 2013 in Los Angeles!

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) officially kicks off on Tuesday morning, but press attendees have packed schedules starting bright and early tomorrow AM. Microsoft’s kicking things off with its briefing, which promises new Xbox One details and a major focus on games. Sony, meanwhile, is officially unveiling its new PlayStation 4 hardware, having teased the look of the new box and naming its nighttime E3 briefing as the big reveal. We’ll also hear more on EA and Ubisoft’s next-gen console plans, and Alienware’s got its own briefing to close out the night. It’s going to be quite a busy day. Come Tuesday, Nintendo is welcoming select show goers at its exhibition booth for a sneak peek at new Wii U titles, before E3 opens for business at noon Pacific Time. And that’s to say nothing of the Oculus Rifts and OUYAs of the world, not to mention any unknowns.

    You’ll find a plethora of liveblogs, news stories and hands-on posts on our homepage throughout the week, but we’re also rounding everything up at our E3 2013 event hub, which we’ll update in realtime with all the gaming news fit to print, straight from downtown Los Angeles.

    Ben Gilbert contributed to this report.

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  • AT&T extends upgrade period to two years, continues a worrying trend

    AT&T extends upgrade period to full years, continues a worrying trend

    The big US carriers tend to echo each other’s customer-hostile policy decisions all too often, and that’s unfortunately happening once again. Effective today, AT&T is shadowing Verizon by extending its standard device upgrade interval from 20 months to the full two years of a typical agreement. All of its new contract subscribers, as well as those whose terms finish in March or later, will have to cope with the longer waiting periods. There’s little context for the decision in a corporate memo that we’ve obtained; we’ve reached out to AT&T for some background, and we’ll let you know if we hear more. Whatever the motivations, it’s clearer than ever that habitual upgraders need to either pay the full hardware price or move to more flexible providers.

    [Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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  • E3 2013: Get your Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA liveblogs right here!

    E3 2013 is nearly upon us, and this year’s press briefing lineup is an eensy bit different from past years — most notably, there are four stage presentations on Monday alone, and Nintendo’s sitting this year out. Rather than spreading out the gaming news cavalcade across one and a half days, 2013’s press briefings are all Monday (excepting Nintendo’s live video broadcast on Tuesday morning, of course, which we’ll have available ahead of its 10AM EDT kickoff on Wednesday morning).

    The full list for tomorrow’s proceedings follows, including timestamps and links for you to set your alarm clocks and clicking fingers by (respectively):

    [Image credit: ‘halo666‘]

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  • PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals himself, reasons for leaking surveillance program


    Only days after the initial leaks and explanations by the US government about the National Security Agency’s data surveillance program PRISM, Edward Snowden has revealed himself as the whistleblower. He’s employed by defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and also worked at the NSA as a “technical assistant” for the CIA. In speaking to The Guardian, he explained his reasons for disclosing the intelligence program: he wanted to “to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them,” hoping that they’ll use the information to debate the issue.

    While the NSA’s data-mining tool is reportedly known as Boundless Informant, Snowden has been keeping himself bound to a hotel in Hong Kong during this whole drama. Major internet companies have insisted that the government doesn’t receive direct access to their servers and President Obama has stated that “nobody is listening to your phone calls, but the issue remains far from black and white. Snowden claims a “massive surveillance machine” is in the making under the radar — at this point he’s now waiting to see what happens next, assured he’s made the the decision that feels right to him. Catch the full interview at the source link.

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