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  • Box launches revenue-sharing scheme for app devs, iOS and Android SDKs

    Box launches revenue-sharing scheme for app devs, iOS and Android SDKs

    As great as free server space is for us regular folk, businesses use cloud storage too (and they actually pay for it). In an effort to attract the attention of mobile app developers, and ultimately keep enterprise clients happy, Box has launched a revenue-sharing program called $rev for those who create business-focused software integrated with its cloud storage platform. It’s pretty simple, really. Step one: get your app to play nice with Box; step two: people use the app; step three: make it rain. By getting an app into Box’s OneCloud club and enrolling in the $rev program, devs can net up to 15 percent of the “per seat price” in rewards. Although its API is already available, Box has launched iOS and Android SDKs in tandem with $rev to make the integration step a bit easier; more SDKs are expected in the “coming weeks.” The $rev scheme is currently in a closed beta phase, but it’ll open up in the near future. Interested app crafters can learn more about getting paid by Box, download the SDKs and sign up to $rev at the source links below.

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  • ConnectED program could deliver 100Mbps broadband to 99 percent of US students

    ConnectED program aims for 100Mbps broadband in 99 percent of US schools

    Many attempts to supply broadband to US students, on- and off-campus, have been imperfect at best: they either leave gaps in coverage or carry woefully inadequate bandwidth. The White House is aiming for much, much better service through its ConnectED initiative. The proposed five-year program would rework the FCC’s E-Rate subsidies to offer at least 100Mbps broadband (and ideally 1Gbps) to 99 percent of American students. Schools could also use their funding to set up WiFi, although they would have to pay for any computing power themselves. ConnectED would add about 40 cents a month to phone bills, but it could put most schools on an equal plane — and keep pace with increasingly faster connections at home.

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    Source: White House (PDF), FCC

  • Hulu Plus gets a whole new look on the iPad, focuses on discovery

    Hulu Plus gets a whole new look on the iPad

    Hulu may be constantly on the brink of a buyout, but that doesn’t mean the current owners are just sitting about waiting for some high roller to come along. In fact, over the last couple of months the streaming service has undergone a pretty impressive transformation. There have been a few new features added and some licensing deals struck. But, most noticeably, Hulu Plus has received a spiffy new look across almost all platforms. Today it’s the iPad’s turn to cash in and the new experience has a heavy focus on discovering content. Tapping on a show brings up the “discover” panel, which provides you with a quick shortcut to play the first, next or latest episode (depending on where yo left off) along with details about the program. If you want to keep looking, but don’t want to drop back out to the card-like UI of the home screen, swiping left or right will take you to the next collection or season. If you’re in the middle of watching an episode of SNL then remember you forgot to add the latest episode of Misfits to your queue, you can pinch the video to minimize it quickly add it then pop back to a full screen of Weekend Update without skipping a beat. Of course, multitasking is in-app only — so you wont be able to shrink the episode down to the corner while you search for stills from Good Burger. There are also a bunch of more minor tweaks, such as inline clip playback and curated collections. After the break you’ll find the complete changelog as well as a video walk through of the updated app.

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    Source: Hulu, Hulu Plus (App Store)

  • Barnes & Noble Nook Snaps offer fresh literature in $2 bites

    Barnes & Noble Nook Snaps offer literature in $2 bites

    Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store has offered short-form works much like those we’ve seen from Amazon’s Kindle Shorts section, but they haven’t really been a highlight. The company’s new Nook Snaps program may give those quick reads their time to shine, however. The effort will see Barnes & Noble publish three to five original shorts every other month at $2 a piece. While the bookseller is leaning on existing titles to fill out the initial catalog, it hopes that the steady supply of original material will keep us coming back.

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