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  • Sony's Laser Light Source Projector with 3LCD to be available in August
    Sony's Laser Light Source Projector with 3LCD to be available in August

    It wasn’t too long ago that Sony kind of introduced us to its inaugural Laser Light Source Projector with 3LCD technology, but now it’s time for the company to let us know a little more about the device. For starters, Sony’s officially dubbing it VPL-FHZ55, and it’s also emphasizing that it’s indeed the world’s first laser projector to be powered by 3LCD imaging tech. Just as we’d heard back in January, the lamp-less VPL-FHZ55 can deliver 4,000 lumens of color light at a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,200, which Sony says should be more than enough steam to “deliver bright and vivid color reproduction.” The VPL-FHZ55 is expected to be available later this August, however there’s no word on how much you’ll have to spend to add one of these to your setup. But, while we wait for those details to come to light, perhaps you’d be interested in perusing the gallery below.

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  • Get your hands and eyes to LA and put them on Microsoft's Xbox One next week

    Microsoft’s Xbox spokesman Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is giving fans a chance to take a very early hands-on look at the Xbox One’s new gamepad next week. On Monday June 10th, just a day before the official kickoff of E3, Hryb is taking to Microsoft’s Century City company store and allotting a solid 90 minutes for controller touching, as well as ogling of the new box and its always-on Kinect. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s right during Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference!

    As the event is both free and full of loosed next-gen hardware, Hryb suggests showing up well ahead of time — we’ll be on-hand, snapping your picture and distributing high fives. He also teases, “one or two other surprises” as well, which we’re hoping isn’t a free Kin for every person who gets in.

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  • Twitter acknowledges site issues, has engineers on the job

    Twitter acknowledges site issues, has engineers on the job

    Yes, we know. We’re seeing the robot with the broken hand, too. Just think of this as a little extra time to craft that perfect @ reply. Twitter acknowledged that some users are having issues with the site at the moment, but promised that it’s got its best people on the job. That little ‘bot should have its limb reattached in no time, kids.


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  • Sprint tells Clearwire that Dish's buyout offer is illegal


    In case it wasn’t already obvious that Sprint sees Dish’s attempt to buy Clearwire as rather rude, the carrier made its irritation perfectly clear today. Sprint just sent a letter to Clearwire’s board of directors that claims the latest Dish buyout proposal violates Delaware laws relating to board control. Moreover, some of the proposal’s terms would reportedly need Sprint’s permission — which, as you’d imagine, isn’t exactly forthcoming. We’ve reached out to Dish for a response, although we’re not expecting the satellite giant to simply accept Sprint’s interpretation at face value. If Sprint is right, however, the objection could at least force Dish back to the drawing board.

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