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  • Functional Apple 1 auctioned off for $671.4K, sets new Sotheby's record

    With $671,400, you could buy roughly 2,040.7 base-model iPad minis before taxes. One unnamed buyer, however, just laid that amount out for a single Apple 1 from 1976. Auctioned through a Germany-based Sotheby’s, The New York Times Bits blog notes the price beats out the firm’s $640K record from another unit last November. Interestingly, this current seller refurbished this latest Apple 1 to working condition, after paying only $40K for it privately. We’d be remiss not to mention that the seller also had Steve Wozniak grace it with a signature. You’ll find more info at the source, while we wrap our heads around how this makes last summer’s auction price of $374.5K look like a relative steal.

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    Source: NYT Bits

  • Mercedes-Benz plan will put QR codes on cars to speed up rescues

    MercedesBenz wants QR codes on cars to speed up the rescue process

    We joke that most people don’t like QR codes, but those codes link to a lot of information through one snapshot — and Mercedes-Benz may just use that efficiency to save lives. The automaker is putting the symbols on vehicles so that emergency crews just need a phone camera scan for easy access to rescue sheets, which are schematics that show where to cut into a wrecked car when recovering trapped passengers. With such immediate knowledge, rescuers don’t have to wait for a model confirmation or else risk cutting wires and fuel lines. While we’ll initially see the QR codes only in Mercedes-Benz cars made this year and beyond (placed inside the fuel door and on the opposite side B-pillar), the company isn’t being selfish: it’s refusing to patent its method in the hope that every vehicle manufacturer will quickly embrace the technology.

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    Via: Autoblog

    Source: Mercedes-Benz

  • Glass Nest lets users control their homes from their heads

    Glass Nest apps lets us control our homes from our heads

    Those who already own Google Glass are more likely than most to embrace new technologies like Nest’s thermostat, so it only makes sense that an especially eager adopter would find a way to combine the two. That would be James Rundquist and his new Glass Nest app: Glass owners now just have to announce that they’re coming home (or heading out) to make their Nest units change the climate. More exacting homeowners can fine-tune the temperature, too. While the utility is both unofficial and quite limited at this stage, Rundquist has posted source code that lets anyone expand on the project. If you’re in the rare position of owning both gadgets, we’d suggest giving Glass Nest and its code at least a cursory look.

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    Via: Slashgear, SelfScreens

    Source: Glass Nest, GitHub

  • iPhone biosensor cradle brings us one step closer to having tricorders (video)

    iPhone biosensor cradle brings us one step closer to having tricorders video

    It seems like every day we’re getting a little bit closer to having tricorders, and today’s no exception. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have designed hardware and software that turns the iPhone into a powerful biosensor that’s useful for toxin and pathogen testing as well as medical diagnosis. The package consists of a cradle that contains an assortment of lenses and filters which line up with the handset’s camera, along with an app that guides the user through the testing process. At the core of the device is a photonic crystal slide which basically turns the iPhone into a high-resolution spectrometer. While the cradle only contains about $200 worth of parts, it’s just as accurate as laboratory equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars, with the added bonus of being hand-held. The team just received an NSF grant to explore other applications for the device and is working on a cradle for Android phones. Hit the break for a demo video and a peek into the future.

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    Source: University of Illinois

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