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  • Google Glass exploration demonstrates a hidden browser and more (video)

    Google Glass delve shows hidden browser, omnipresent voice and more video

    While it’s known that Google Glass has in-testing features just waiting to be exposed, we haven’t seen many attempts to reveal them all. Zhuowei Zhang has stepped in with a complete list of what’s under the hood, and it turns out that some of those features work… more or less. After modding the latest Glass firmware, Android Police can confirm that there is a functional Chrome browser lurking inside; Google just hasn’t woven it into the user experience. Other Labs features produce similarly mixed results. OK Glass Everywhere lets users easily start a voice command chain from anywhere in the interface, but a video stabilization mode clearly isn’t ready for prime time. Although you’ll want to visit the source links for the full rundown, it’s evident from just a cursory glimpse that Glass has plenty of room to grow.

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  • Automatic delays connected car platform until August as it seeks to perfect iPhone app

    Automatic delays connected car platform until August as it seeks to perfect iPhone app

    It’s an age-old problem: do we clamor for a company to ship a product that’s not ready, or do we swallow delays with grace as it aims to deliver when things are good and ready? Such a choice has to be made when it comes to Automatic, the California-based startup which had originally hoped to start shipping its automotive dongle + app platform at the end of this month. Those (including yours truly) who pre-ordered on day one received an email last night delivering the news that things were running a bit behind schedule. The hardware itself is actually already being manufactured, but stellar components are only a piece of the total puzzle. The software — an iPhone app, in this instance — still needs more time in the proverbial oven, and now we’re being told that packages won’t ship until “the end of August.”

    A three-month hiccup is nothing to scoff at, and Automatic seemingly knows it. In order to sate those who were hoping to use the $70 product during their upcoming summer road trips, the company is giving early pre-orderers the option to beta test the app as it stands today. For those who agree, they’ll receive their hardware in mid-June, but they’ll be forced to use it with a version of the app that “lacks a few features like Crash Alert and support for multiple cars and users.” We’ll be keeping a close eye as the situation develops, and will definitely endeavor to pass along a review just as soon as we’re able. If you’re curious, we’ve embedded the email in full just after the break.

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  • Growing Up Geek: Melissa Grey

    Welcome to Growing Up Geek, a feature where we take a look back at our youth, and tell stories of growing up to be the nerds that we are. This week, we have our new associate editor, Melissa Grey!

    DNP Growing Up Geek Melissa Grey

    Sometimes, the formative moments in your life happen when you least expect them. One such moment occurred for me in 1997, as I watched my brother pilot Cloud Strife through the ruins of the Forgotten City while Aerith Gainsborough clasped her hands in prayer. We’d taken turns playing Final Fantasy VII on and off for days. He bemoaned my stubborn inclusion of Red XIII in every party and we both developed gambling habits at the Gold Saucer on the outskirts of North Corel. We argued about the validity of Yuffie Kisaragi’s existence and watched in awe as Sapphire Weapon emerged from the sea to attack Junon. We laughed. We cried. We experienced a game unlike anything we’d ever played before, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened next.

    As a sword-wielding Sephiroth fell on Aerith like an avenging angel, I felt the Earth tilt on its axis. It wasn’t simply the unexpected plot twist that left me reeling. No, it was deeper than that. I realized in that moment that the figures on my screen had transcended the jagged stacks of polygons that made them. They had become real to me. The loss of one of them, fictional as it was, cut me to the quick. It was then that I realized what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to devastate people the way I had been devastated. I wanted to build worlds as fantastical as Midgar and populate them with characters as richly layered as Vincent Valentine. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to be a writer.

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  • Microsoft and Google make amends, will co-develop a YouTube app for Windows Phone

    We’ve gotta give it to Microsoft… building a YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 that strips out advertising and allows users to download streaming videos was one hell of a way to get Google’s attention about the lack of an official app for the platform — even if it managed to attract ire at the same time. Now, multiple reports are coming in that both companies have reached an agreement of sorts, which will result in an app that’s fully compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service in the coming weeks. You might’ve already guessed it, but unlike Microsoft’s most recent conciliatory update to its YouTube app, the next version will serve up ads. You’ll find a joint statement from both companies after the break. Now that the pair are learning to cooperate, might we suggest they take a look at Gmail?

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    Source: The Verge, The Next Web

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