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  • Xbox One has non-replaceable hard drive, external storage is supported

    Xbox One hard drive is nonuserreplaceable, can install games to external storage

    We had the opportunity to chat with Albert Penello, senior director of product planning at Microsoft this afternoon, who was kind enough to clarify a few topics for us regarding the recently-unveiled Xbox One. One thing we were quick to ask about was the integrated storage. 500GB sounds like a lot today — but so did the 20GB unit in the original Xbox 360. The HDD there was, at least, replaceable. Can you do the same with its successor? Sadly, no. Hard drives in the Xbox One are non-user-serviceable, but Penello confirmed that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can be used for everything the internal storage can be used for. That includes game installs and downloads. So, don’t fret: adding storage will be just as easy as ever.

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  • Xbox One pre-order notification is live: here's where to sign up

    Xbox One preorder notification is live here's where to sign up

    How much? When? Where? Who cares? If you aren’t exactly interested in knowing how much the impending Xbox One will cost you — let alone when it’ll actually hit your doorstep — you can sign up to be notified of your opportunity to pre-order the console right now. To be clear, this isn’t a sign-up for a pre-order. It’s just a sign-up to be notified of pre-orders officially opening up. So really, what’s to lose? Hit the source link below in order to share your email address, and you’ll get a $10 Microsoft online store credit for your trouble. (Or, you can hit the Amazon link for those needing an excuse to make better use of their Prime subscription.)

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    Source: Microsoft, Major Nelson (Twitter), Amazon

  • Google+ adds card UI and larger cover photos to mobile site

    Google adds card UI and larger cover photos to mobile site

    Google has been spending quite a lot of time tweaking, streamlining and generally beautifying the interface of its “social backbone.” But while the mobile apps and desktop site have seen near constant updates, the mobile Google+ site has languished slightly behind. Today Mountain view is delivering a little bit of parity for those on platforms that don’t have an official app, such as Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. The update brings the new card UI to the phone-focused version, along with easier to see and tap +1 and re-share buttons. The updated profile experience is also going mobile, with large cover photos and more touch friendly icons coming to both personal profiles and pages. There’s no need to wait patiently while this rolls out either: the new mobile Google+ site is already live.

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    Source: Google+

  • Slickdeals' best in tech for May 21st: Brother all-in-one printer and JBL wireless subwoofer

    Looking to save some coin on your tech purchases? Of course you are! In this roundup, we’ll run down a list of the freshest frugal buys, hand-picked with the help of the folks at Slickdeals. You’ll want to act fast, though, as many of these offerings won’t stick around long.

    Slickdeals' best in tech for May 21st: Brother all-in-one printer and JBL wireless subwoofer

    Monday’s list of links may have gotten bumped to Tuesday, but rest assured that we’ve got a handful of discounted tech ready for your perusal. A wireless Brother all-in-one inkjet printer and 300W JBL wireless subwoofer made the cut alongside three other tempting gadgets. Head down beyond the break for the full list and all of the requisite purchase info.

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    Source: Slickdeals

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