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  • Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro review: just like the original, but bigger

    Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro review: just like the original, but bigger

    Nintendo seems to have a knack for repeat performances. Nintendo DS? Quickly supplanted by the DS Lite — and the DSi didn’t last too long either before it was succeeded by the DSi XL. Even the 3DS saw a revision, when it was supersized last summer. These redesigns typically don’t change more than the device’s size, but when the 3DS XL was announced, some gamers were left wanting. Didn’t the original 3DS get an accessory specifically to address the lack of a second analog pad? Why didn’t Nintendo take the opportunity to add dual-analog controls? Well, if that happened, Nintendo couldn’t release an encore Circle Pad Pro accessory, could it? Let’s take a look at the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro and see what’s changed.

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  • Iconia W3 tablet live on Acer's Finnish website, confirms 8.1 inches of Windows 8 Pro

    Iconia W3 tablet live on Acer's Finnish website, confirms 8.1 inches of Windows 8 Pro

    Info about the Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet has already slipped out a few times, and now this 8.1-incher is live on Acer’s Finnish website. While there’s no mention of price or availability, the specifications list matches what’s already been leaked. You’re looking at Windows 8 Pro running atop an Intel Atom Z2760 CPU, aided by 2GB of RAM. Other features include a 1,280 x 768 touchscreen, an eight-hour battery, up to 64GB of storage, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Port lovers will be pleased to find micro-HDMI and micro-USB hookups onboard, as well as a microSD slot. Microsoft Word comes pre-installed, but there’s no concrete info about the optional full-size keyboard dock — other than that it exists, anyway. It’ll likely be closer to June when we’ll be staring at it in the flesh, so you’ll have to settle for the info at the source link for now.

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  • Yahoo to acquire Tumblr in $1.1 billion cash deal

    Yahoo to acquire Tumblr in $11 billion cash deal

    That cat’s out of the bag a day early, it seems. Yahoo’s board has approved a $1.1 billion cash deal to purchase the blogging site Tumblr, according to The Wall Street Journal. We were expecting Yahoo to announce the acquisition during tomorrow’s NYC media event — CEO Marissa Mayer may instead use the last-minute gathering to detail the company’s plans for integrating the popular platform. It’s unclear how Yahoo intends to utilize its latest procurement, but with a 10-figure price tag now public, we can only imagine that Tumblr will be put to good use. We’ll be covering tomorrow afternoon’s event live, so stay tuned for more details from New York City.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal (Twitter)

  • The After Math: Google I/O 2013, BlackBerry Live and Nokia's Lumia 925

    The After Math Google IO 2013, BlackBerry World and Oh No Not Another Windows Phone

    A new Lumia phone from Nokia, this year’s Google I/O and BlackBerry Live — yep, it was a pretty hectic week for us, but also a good seven days for tech news. Even if Google didn’t have any truly new hardware for us, it’s started up its own on-demand music service, gave us more details on Google Glass, redesigned its Maps and, well, it was a very long keynote. Join us after the break for a numerical breakdown of that and the rest of the week’s big news.

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