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  • Alt-week 5.16.13: bug eyes, robo-cops and fake flowers

    Alt-week takes a look at the best science and alternative tech stories from the last seven days.

    Altweek 51613

    If we’re to find a common thread in this week’s collection of stories, it’d be nature’s guiding hand. How it inspires science, how we seek to imitate it, and how unnatural the future of policing could be. This is alt-week,

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  • Dell Project Ophelia USB Android stick to ship in July, priced at $100

    Dell Ophelia USB Android stick to ship in July, priced at $100

    We know that “where for are thou?” was in search of a different Shakespearean character, but if you had the same question for (Dell’s) Ophelia, then the answer is July. The Android pendrive / USB computer we saw back at CES may be one of many, but distinctive thanks to its mainstream PC-maker origins. We’re still lacking a lot of the specifics, other than that there’s WiFi, Bluetooth, Wyse PocketCloud integration, plus, of course, HDMI and Android 4.something. There will likely be a few enterprise-friendly features too (administration tools, remote wiping) reports PC World. As usual, developers will get their hands on them first, with — interestingly — some cable and telecoms companies potentially stocking it too — though no specifics at this time. So, the $100 Dell might not be the portable you’d love for this price, but maybe the USB PC finally crossing over?

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    Source: PC World

  • Sprint closes deal to buy US Cellular spectrum, adds 420,000 customers

    Sprint closes deal to buy US Cellular spectrum, adds 420,000 new customers

    Sprint was clearly hungry for capacity when it bought spectrum from US Cellular last fall, and it’s at last getting its fill — some of it, at least — by closing the deal today. The carrier has officially taken possession of 20MHz in airwaves across Midwestern cities like Champaign, Chicago and South Bend, as well as 10MHz in St. Louis. The customer handover isn’t quite as grandiose as was mentioned in November, however: Sprint is ultimately adopting 420,000 US Cellular customers, rather than the originally claimed 585,000. It should be a relatively bump-free transition, no matter who’s included in the group. Sprint expects the switch to take several months, and it’s keeping the US Cellular network active while customers go hunting for discounted phones.

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    Source: Sprint

  • The Last of Us will debut 'play while it downloads' feature on the PS3

    The Last of Us

    Even though we don’t yet know what the PlayStation 4 looks like or how much it will cost, one of the many details revealed at Sony’s February event was that games will be playable even as they download. Now it turns out we won’t have to wait for the new hardware to experience that feature on a console — Steam, for example, does this on PCs with some games — as The Last of Us leaders Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman told Game Informer the PS3 game will be available as a download the same day it arrives on discs, and is playable once the transfer is 50 percent complete. There’s no word whether other developers will have access to the “magic” Naughty Dog worked out with Sony to make it happen, but as least there will be as little delay as possible before you begin exploring its post-apocalyptic landscape June 14th.

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    Source: Game Informer

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