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  • This week on gdgt: LG shows there's room for more than one mega-smartphone

    This week on gdgt

    Each week, our friends at gdgt go through the latest gadgets and score them to help you decide which ones to buy. Here are some of their latest picks — along with a few you should probably avoid. Want more? Visit gdgt anytime to catch up on the latest, and subscribe to gdgt’s newsletter to get a weekly roundup in your inbox.

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  • Firefox 22 beta enables WebRTC by default, HiDPI displays on Windows

    Firefox signage

    Though Mozilla has long been a proponent of WebRTC for plugin-free video and voice chat, it hasn’t been ready to enable the full protocol in Firefox as a matter of course. It’s more confident as of this week: the newly available Firefox 22 beta turns on complete WebRTC use by default, allowing for both live web conversations and peer-to-peer file swaps. There’s more to the release as well, depending on the platform. Windows users receive support for HiDPI displays, like that of the Kirabook; every desktop user also gets gaming-friendly OdinMonkey JavaScript tuning, a web notification API and a font inspector. Android users won’t have WebRTC and other upgrades for now, but everyone can experiment with the latest Firefox beta at the source links.

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    Via: Mozilla (1), (2)

    Source: Firefox Beta, Google Play

  • Engadget Podcast 344: Google I/O edition – 05.17.13

    Engadget Podcast 343 - 05.10.13

    Live Pre-recorded from a coffee shop near Google I/O, it’s episode 344 of the Engadget Podcast. Tim and Brian may not drink coffee, but rest assured the bustling surroundings (hint: loud cars) kept this show’s energy high — that and apple cider. Get excited for some commentary on everything from Glass to redesigned Maps and get to streaming below.

    Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater

    Producers: Joe Pollicino, Benjamin Harrison

    Hear the podcast:

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  • Editor's Letter: When it rains, it pours

    In each issue of Distro, editor-in-chief Tim Stevens publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

    DNP Editor's Letter When it rains, it pours

    It’s been a slow couple of weeks here through the beginning of May. Everyone, it seems, was saving up to pile all of their announcements at once, leaving us scrambling and our RSS feed spinning. Over the past few days, new phones were announced by BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony and Samsung while Google has been dropping all sorts of stuff in our laps at I/O and even Microsoft got in on the game by confirming Windows 8.1 will be shown next month. Surely someone could have made a few phone calls and maybe pushed their bit of news up or back a week or two.

    As I write this, late at night in a hotel in San Francisco, it’s Google I/O that’s dominating the headlines. New Android boss Sundar Pichai promised a very dev-focused event, moving away from the consumer-heavy fireworks of years past, and that’s exactly what we got, with Google spending far more time talking APIs and IDEs than tablets and smartphones.


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