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  • Google+ Hangouts video chat won't connect over AT&T

    Google Hangouts video chat won't connect over AT&T

    If you have a smartphone connected to AT&T, you just got a bit more incentive to hop over to WiFi whenever possible. The new Google+ Hangouts app group video chat feature appears to be disabled whenever you attempt to connect via the cellular network. We tested the feature using a Verizon handset as well — we were able to stream video just fine. It’s not entirely clear whether AT&T has specifically blocked access to the service, but regardless of the reason, we’re all too familiar with the carrier’s desire to keep video chat off the airwaves. We can only hope that we’ll be able to use Hangouts to its full potential soon, just as we can with Apple’s FaceTime.

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  • Google TV officially updated to latest versions of Android and Chrome, faster updates promised going forward

    Google TV officially updated to latest versions of Android and Chrome, faster updates promised going forward

    It apparently wasn’t big enough to garner a mention earlier today, but Google has now followed up its slew of I/O keynote announcements with the news that it’s moving Google TV to the latest versions of Android (that’d be 4.2.2) and Chrome. What’s more, it also says that it’s “refactored” Google TV so that its OEMs can update their devices to future versions of Android faster than they’re currently able to — in a “matter of weeks rather than months,” according to Google. Likewise, Chrome for Google TV will now be on the same six week upgrade cycle as its desktop counterpart going forward, and it’ll also now come with support for hardware-based content protection.

    As for those with existing Google TV devices, though, the company’s only saying that they can expect to see updates in the “coming months.” We’ve yet to hear from most Google TV manufacturers themselves yet, but LG has chimed in to say that it will be updating its devices to Jelly Bean sometime in the third quarter of this year. You can get a look at what the update will bring in the video after the break.

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    Source: Google TV Developers, LG

  • Apple marks 50 billion downloads from the App Store

    Apple marks 50 billion downloads from the App Store

    You think 50 billion is a big number? It’s certainly a bit bigger than some other numbers that spring to mind, such as 48 billion, and that in itself gives Apple something to celebrate. As is customary with these App Store milestones, whichever lucky jackanape triggered their download at just the right millisecond will receive a gift — a $10,000 iTunes voucher, no less — while 50 runners-up will get $500-worth of credit each.

    But none of that is the really big, big news. What matters here is the rate of growth, which seems to have accelerated during the course of this year. It took 14 weeks for the App Store to get from 40 billion to 45 billion downloads between January and April, but less than 4 weeks to get from 45 to 50 billion. Now, we’re totally dependent on Apple’s internal stock-takers, not to mention an erratic ticker (“for illustrative purposes only”), but if those numbers are even remotely accurate then they represent something of a popularity surge.

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  • Google asks Microsoft to remove YouTube app for WP8, takes issue with lack of ads

    YouTube only recently came to Windows Phone 8 as a full-fledged app, but its availability may be short-lived. According to documents obtained by The Verge, Google has requested that Microsoft remove the app from it Windows Phone Store — and disable installations on devices — immediately. The reason? Apparently the app didn’t get Goog’s stamp of approval before going live, and it blocks the ads that typically run on YouTube. Naturally, ads are an important source of revenue for both Google and no shortage of third parties, so Mountain View may not be out of line for crying foul. And that’s not the only strike against Redmond: according to the cease and desist letter, YouTube on WP8 lets users download videos, in addition to streaming content that’s been restricted on certain devices. Oh, and all the above-mentioned issues violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. Google is giving MS until May 22nd to remove the app — we’re sure this isn’t the last you’ll hear on this subject.

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    Source: The Verge

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