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  • Twitter buys Lucky Sort startup to help visualize your tweets

    Twitter buys Lucky Sort to help visualize your tweets

    Twitter just acquired Lucky Sort, a Portland, Oregon-based startup that built TopicWatch, a visualization and navigation engine known for presenting large amounts of data in an easy-to-digest format. With more than 200 million users in more than 160 countries, Twitter certainly has more than enough data to warrant the acquisition, which means hashtag infographics like the one above could be available for Twitter users in the near future. Fans of Lucky Sort’s TopicWatch product, on the other hand, will have to find some other venue for their data fix, for the service is set to shutter in the months ahead. Shocking, we know.

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  • Google celebrates Breakout's 37th anniversary the only way it knows how

    Google celebrates Breakout's 37th anniversary the only way it knows how

    The 37th anniversary of a video game — even a classic like Breakout — isn’t something most would ordinarily celebrate in any major way. But Google, as we’ve seen, isn’t one to pass up an opportunity to inject a bit of fun into its websites, and it’s now turned in a particularly inspired easter egg to commemorate the landmark Atari title. Hit the source link below or do an image search for “Atari Breakout” to try it out for yourself.

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  • T-Mobile raises iPhone 5 down payment by $50, device now costs $150

    T-Mobile raises iPhone 5 down payment by $50, device now costs $150

    After a month of offering the iPhone 5 for $100 down, T-Mobile has quietly increased the upfront cost by $50. Even with the price hike, it’s still less expensive than on most other carriers, but some type of warning would’ve certainly been appreciated. As for the rest of T-Mobile’s new pricing scheme, its $20-a month, two-year amortization schedule remains intact. Consider us skeptical, but hopefully this is just a case of growing pains, and unannounced promotions won’t be part of the UnCarrier’s game plan going forward.

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  • Hands-on with the iConsole.tv, an Android-powered game system with the heart of a desktop PC

    Handson with the iConsoletv, an Androidpowered game system with the heart of a desktop PC

    Pry open any Android-powered game console on the market today, and you’ll likely find a mobile processor — an ARM-based chip originally designed for tablets, smartphones and maybe the odd specialty device. It seems to make sense — after all, isn’t Android a mobile OS? Christopher Price, CEO of Mobile Media Ventures, doesn’t seem to think so. “Android is the future of personal computing,” Price told Engadget. “Even on the desktop.” According to Price, developers just haven’t had a chance to play with a truly powerful Android gaming machine. So, naturally, he’s building one.

    Despite its Apple-esque name, the iConsole.tv is billed as the most powerful Android device to date. It’s a bold claim, but the specs add up: the company’s Unit 00 developer kit runs Android on a 3.3GHz Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and two 500GB hard drives. Graphics are handled by Intel’s integrated HD 4000 chipset — a surprisingly capable GPU, though still a far cry from dedicated hardware. Price stressed that these specifications are for the $999 developer version the company announced today. The final product’s build hasn’t been finalized. Still, considering all that power, we had to wonder why MMV chose Android. Price reiterated the potential he sees in the platform. “We’re pushing the envelope and adapting it for high-performance gaming, but we see Android being the change agent in personal computing, on the TV and the desktop. People hate walled gardens, and they hate maintaining their PCs. Android can solve that, and we’re going to help make that happen.”

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