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  • Specialized Turbo e-bike reaches the US, offers a speed boost for $5,900

    Specialized Turbo bike reaches the US, offers an electric boost for $5,900

    When Specialized’s Turbo e-bike launched last year, it was almost too fast for its own good when it couldn’t legally be sold in Europe and the US. The American riders, at least, won’t be held back now that the Turbo is on sale in their country. The US version costs an eye-watering $5,900, but it can reach the same 27.9MPH peak speed through its combination of pedal power and the 250W of typical output from the electric motor. With that kind of performance, it could almost pay for itself — who wouldn’t want to blow past rush hour traffic in the bike lane?

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  • Adafruit explains how to build your very own HAL 9000 for less than $100

    Adafruit explains how to build your very own HAL 9000 replica for less than $100

    It may be 2013, but 2001 will forever hold a special place in our hearts, in no small part due to the that lovable, red-eyed supercomputer known as HAL 9000. ThinkGeek has given us a couple ways to purchase HAL for our homes, but for folks who’d rather build their own, Adafruit’s got you covered. User Phillip Burgess has posted the full instructions on how to craft one, provided you’ve got access to a laser cutter and the requisite soldering, spray painting and sanding chops to complete the task. Adafruit’s version will have you making HAL out of an oversized arcade button and a sheet of acrylic — and if you want your HAL to talk (and really, why wouldn’t you), you’ll need to build a voice box from an Arduino Uno board and an Adafruit Wave Shield. Total cost: just shy of $100. Check out the video of it in action after the break, and head on down to the source link for the full how-to. Oh, and feel free to whistle Sprach Zarathustra while you work.

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  • The iTunes influence, part one: How Apple changed the face of the music marketplace

    The iTunes influence, part one How Apple changed the face of the music marketplace

    “iTunes is a stepping stone along the way.”
    — Jim Griffin, OneHouse LLC

    On April 28th, the iTunes Store basked in a milestone 10th birthday. Two years before its 2003 launch (as the iTunes Music Store), Apple introduced the iTunes client as a desktop music management program and implemented it as the device manager for the first iPod later in 2001. In those two years, Apple laid the groundwork for what can reasonably be called the iTunes era of music.

    Apple did not invent digital music, even though for many iTunes embodies 21st century music buying. However, during the past 10 years, it has become the US’ top music retailer, with customers currently downloading 15,000 songs per minute from the app’s library of 26 million songs, according to an Apple spokesperson. Since its launch, it has evolved into the hub of a powerhouse media / tech ecosystem that turned Apple into the world’s most valuable company in 2012.

    As a symbolic milestone, the iTunes anniversary encourages reflection on the past, a survey of the present and predictions of the future. Digital music continues to evolve, for businesses, consumers, and musicians

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  • PSA: T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S 4 available online today

    PSA TMobile's Samsung Galaxy S 4 available online today

    Samsung’s latest flagship, the GS4, landed on Sprint and AT&T a couple of days ago, and now it’s T-Mobile’s turn to join the party — at least by way of its virtual stores. Taking advantage of the carrier’s recently unveiled pricing scheme, the Galaxy S 4 will be available starting at $149.99 up front for the 16GB model (plus the $20 extra per month for the next two years, of course). Now, if you’re looking to physically pick one up instead, you’ll have to wait a little longer, as it won’t be available at brick-and-mortar shops until May 1st.

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