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  • AirDroid 2.0 update adds phone finder, camera access and cellular data use

    AirDroid 20 update adds phone finder, camera access and cellular data use

    If you’re an Android user with a pressing need to transfer files from your phone to your computer (and vice versa), there’s a good chance you’ve heard of AirDroid. The remote access tool, which has been widely available on the Play Store for ages, has finally received an update that makes it even more useful. First, a primer: AirDroid gives you the ability to access all of the files on your phone — APKs, music, photos, videos and plenty more — directly in a web app on your browser, which offers an Android-like user interface. You can view or download videos, pull up your contact lists and even send and receive messages, just as if you were using the phone itself.

    Version 2.0, which has been in the works for several months, adds even more useful functionality. The update now gives you the ability to access your phone with a cellular data connection, whereas WiFi was the only option previously. It also throws in a “Find my Phone” feature, a remote wipe and a camera option that will let you see your phone’s front or rear camera views — as well as snap pictures remotely and store them directly on your computer — without activating the display (a very useful feature in case your prized possession gets stolen). It also supports incoming call notifications, as well as the opportunity to initiate outgoing ones. Not bad for a free (ad-supported) app, so head to the link below to check it out.

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    Source: Play Store

  • Samsung reportedly launching new 8-inch tablet in June, Galaxy S 4 Active in July

    Samsung reportedly plans new 8inch tablet for June, Galaxy S 4 Active for July

    Samsung Gulf president Young Soo Kim reportedly made casual mention of an upcoming rugged take on the Galaxy S 4 at a press event earlier in the week, but left out any details. Sources for the Wall Street Journal claim to know more of the story, and it sounds like the toughened phone won’t be alone this summer. The Galaxy S 4 Active, as it’s rumored to be called, would arrive in July and carry the dust- and waterproofing of spiritual predecessors like the Galaxy Xcover 2 while maintaining the GS 4’s design language. A smaller, 4.3-inch parallel to the GS 4 would appear at the same time — Galaxy S 4 Mini, anyone? The same tipsters also expect the release of a new 8-inch “Galaxy-line tablet” in June, which suggests the Galaxy Note 8.0 may get a regular Tab counterpart. We wouldn’t base our buying strategies around the rumors when Samsung hasn’t said anything that’s truly on the record, but it might be wise to hold off if you’re not in a rush.

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    Source: Wall Street Journal

  • EVE Online dev reveals Oculus Rift-based space dogfighting 'experience' (update: video!)

    EVE Online developers reveal 'EveVR' running in Unity

    It’s not clear if Icelandic game studio CCP is extending its crazy MMO, EVE Online, into the world of virtual reality, but the company is working on some form of EVE-based VR application using the Oculus Rift. CCP teased the concept during the keynote event at its Fanfest event this afternoon, showing off what looked like a modern Wing Commander-style space shooter set in the world of EVE (similar to the first-person shooter extension on PlayStation 3, Dust 514), built using the Unity game engine. EVE fansite The Mittani notes from a hands-on demonstration at Fanfest that the game is currently 3v3 dogfighting employing the VR headset and an unnamed “console-style game controller.” Sadly, it sounds like the project is little more than an internal curiosity at this point, but color us unsurprised if this pops up in a more polished form down the line. We’ll add a video of CCP’s presentation to this post as soon as it goes live — we were marveled by the gorgeous visuals and gameplay promise of a space shooter which employs VR.

    Several games are currently in development for the Oculus Rift, and Valve’s Team Fortress 2 already supports the device. However, the headset that’s currently available is a development kit, and not meant as representative of the final retail product.

    Update: We’ve added the video from Fanfest below the break!

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    Source: Twitch.tv

  • Editor's Letter: The new consoles are coming

    In each issue of Distro, editor-in-chief Tim Stevens publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

    DNP Editor's Letter The new consoles are coming

    This week I’m writing from a special place: from the perspective of a Google Glass owner. Well, to be honest I’m not wearing them this exact moment — I’m actually at 30,000 feet, making the most of a Gogo connection, and when your phone is in airplane mode there’s not much point in wearing the headset. Unless, of course, you’re looking for a conversation starter. In that role, the headset performs impeccably even when turned completely off.

    It’s been an interesting couple days wearing the headset around, days I’ll continue to chronicle on the site because I know many of you are eager to know what Glass is like. I know this because I’ve had dozens of strangers come up to me and ask, “What’s it like?” Suffice to say, Glass is very interesting and the potential is compelling, but right now the thing is somewhat frustrating in its limited functionality. That’ll change real soon as more developers get to grips with the Mirror API.

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