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  • Qualcomm Q2 2013 earnings: revenue up to $6.12 billion, profit reaches $2.07 billion

    Qualcomm making bank, yo

    Qualcomm is having an easy time riding the growing wave of mobile devices. Case in point: its very healthy second quarter earnings. Revenue at the San Diego outfit climbed 24 percent year-over-year to $6.12 billion, while the chip designer’s net profit grew a similarly brisk 17 percent, to $2.07 billion. The figures were respectively up a modest 2 percent and down 6 percent versus last quarter, but that’s to be expected given the usual post-holiday lull. Qualcomm still shipped a more than ample 173 million units of its MSM chips, and it expects to return $431 million to shareholders for their trust. The company also has a rosy-cheeked vision of the future — it expects its third quarter revenues and profits to climb by at least 25 percent and 14 percent each, even with shipments down to as little as 163 million. When Qualcomm is at the heart of the HTC One, many Galaxy S 4 models and the Optimus G Pro, there’s a good chance the company is being realistic about its prospects.

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  • Siva Cycle Atom charges USB devices with a pedal-powered battery pack (video)

    Siva Cycle Atom charges USB devices through a pedalpowered battery pack video

    Bicycle-powered generators aren’t new concepts by any stretch, but they frequently generate AC power and sometimes can’t charge at all when the pedaling stops. Siva Cycle doesn’t think either limitation is very helpful for powering a smartphone during the daily commute, so it’s launching the Atom generator to keep the energy flowing smoothly. The rear-wheel unit puts out power regulated to match its USB port, and it includes a detachable 1,300mAh lithium polymer battery that can follow riders long after they’ve parked. Moreover, the Atom is unintrusive — it slips on after releasing the rear wheel, and it’s diminutive enough to minimize drag.

    As is often the case these days, the catch is getting the product to market. Siva Cycle wants to crowdfund $85,000 to make the Atom’s November release target, and supporters will need to plunk down at least $85 to receive a generator, if its fundraising goes smoothly. When the company plans to donate one Atom to the needy for every ten it sells, however, the pledge is for a good cause — and it might be the key to having a usable device charge after a bike ride home.

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    Source: Kickstarter, Siva Cycle

  • Skype launches BlackBerry 10 preview, but only for Q10 owners at first

    Skype preview launches for BlackBerry 10, but only for Q10 owners at first

    For all the hullabaloo about Skype coming to BlackBerry 10, there wasn’t much to show at the Z10’s launch beyond a logo. We’ve got more to work with today — sort of. A preview version of Skype has indeed popped up in BlackBerry World with voice, video and instant messaging like we’ve seen on other platforms. However, no one in the general public can actually use it yet: the app requires BlackBerry 10.1, which won’t reach the market until the Q10 ships to Brits and Canucks. That leaves Americans and Z10 owners in the lurch for a few weeks, although they can at least see the light at the end of the VoIP tunnel.

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  • Tumblr for iOS gets new social sharing features, options to save to Instapaper and Pocket

    Tumblr for iOS gets new social sharing features, options to save to Instapaper and Pocket

    Ever since going native on iOS, the Tumblr app’s been on the receiving end of many, many new features and improvements. Now, continuing its ongoing efforts to make the application as good as can be, the microblogging site has released a new version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners. As of today, Tumblr for iOS will now allow posts to be shared via email and a few major social networks — including, as you’d expect, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, v3.3.1 brings added integration with Pocket and Instapaper, giving users the ability to save content to either service for offline reading at a later time. Busy couple of days, eh, Tumblr?

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