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  • Cox TV Connect for Android launches, brings live TV streaming to 'select' tablets

    Cox TV Connect for Android launches, brings live TV streaming to 'select' tablets

    We’re still waiting to see Cox’s next generation cable TV-to-mobile streaming app, but right now it’s released a version of its existing Cox TV Connect app for Android. Available on iPads since the end of 2011 and on iPhone / iPod touch since the end of last year, it’s finally made the trek to a “select” group of Android tablets, consisting of the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy 2 / Galaxy Note slates. A support document also mentions Amazon’s Kindle Fire family, however the app isn’t in its store as of this posting. For those not familiar, it’s a free app for subscribers that lets them watch a selection of live TV channels while connected to their home wireless network, and view listings anywhere. We’ll be interested to see if the list of compatible (Android 4.0+) hardware grows quickly, or if users will need to wait for a port of the new app which adds personalization features tied into Cox’s Trio DVR platform.

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    Source: Google Play, Cox TV Communications (Twitter)

  • Logitech G products updated to support Mac OS

    Logitech G products updated to support Mac OS

    It may not be the most popular hardware configuration in PC gaming circles, but Macs actually make pretty capable gaming rigs. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that Mac users are clamoring for serious gaming peripherals. Logitech is happy to oblige, of course, announcing recently that its updated its gaming software to support more devices on Mac OS. Gamers in Apple’s ecosystem can now make the most of the company’s full line of G series mouse and keyboard products, including the eight it released to herald the rebranding of its gaming lineup. The update is free, of course, and promises to offer Mac users the same level of customization that traditional PC gamers enjoy. Check out Logitegh’s official announcement at the source for the full list of compatible devices.

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    Source: Logitech

  • Sony announces Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to PS Vita this June

    Sony announces Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to PS Vita this June

    Despite what the sales figures might imply, the general consensus is that, for the most part, the PlayStation Vita’s a neat portable console — although some still argue Sony could do a little more to give its precious handheld a boost when it comes to available content. And just as it did with the PS3, the Japanese electronics maker has now announced that a remastered collection of Jak and Daxter is headed to the PS Vita as well, which includes Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3. The trilogy’s said to be debuting on the PlayStation Vita at some point in June of this year for $29.99 in North America, or a corresponding €29.99 for those located across the pond in Europe. Not too bad a price to pay for some nostalgia-filled gaming sessions, eh?

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    Via: Joystiq

    Source: Sony

  • Adapteva shows off production Parallella mini 'supercomputer' boards

    Adapteva shows of its first production Parallella mini supercomputer boards

    With its ambitious Parallella computing project funded on Kickstarter since last October, Adapteva’s now showing off its first mass-production boards. These Raspberry Pi-esque devices are capable of supercomputer-like parallel computing performance thanks to power-sipping Epiphany multi-core accelerators. As proposed, both the $99 13GHz 16-core (26 gigaflops) and $199 45GHz 64-core accelerator (90 gigaflops) variants make an appearance in the pictures. The company is tweaking this initial batch of 10 to test various functionalities, with its current update noting that getting Linux to boot off the boards is the next step in testing. Final units are still slated to arrive on doorsteps during the summer, and hardware schematics will eventually be available as open source-info — after all, the Parallella has always been pitched as an open undertaking. Those enthused by circuits and the boards they live on will find a path to more info at the source link.


    Via: Tech2

    Source: Adapteva (Kickstarter), Parallella.org

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