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  • Arris closes deal to buy Motorola Home cable and internet biz from Google

    About a year and a half after Google announced its acquisition of Motorola, it’s closed a deal to sell the Motorola Home half to Arris. Motorola Home covers the company’s cable TV and internet device, which combined with Arris’ existing businesses creates what it’s calling “the Premier Video Delivery and Broadband Technology Company.” Meanwhile, Google keeps the Motorola Mobility half that covers its cellphones, tablets and of course, the related patents. The move cost Arris $2.2 billion in cash along with 10.6 million shares of its stock issued to Google. That’s on top of 10.6 million shares for Comcast in return for its $150 million investment, making them equal part (7.7 percent) owners with the folks from Mountain View. What does all of this mean? Your next cable-provided box will probably say Arris on it, and any faint dream of Motorola-built Android TV set-top boxes becoming widely available is officially over.

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  • Pocket apps updated with Send to Friend sharing and push notifications

    DNP Pocket's Android, iOS, Mac and web apps updated with push notification sharing

    In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Pocket has updated its Android, iOS, Mac and web apps with a new Send to Friend option. This feature allows you to pass content directly to friends along with a comment and highlighted quote from the article being shared. The app kicks out an email to anyone receiving your reading recommendations, and sends an optional push notification to folks already on the Pocket bandwagon. In addition, the updated share menu creates shortcuts for recently used social networks and contacts, which makes it easier to keep your cohorts up to date with your daily web habits. If you’re ready to overrun your friends’ inboxes with clips of Engadget editors forgetting to chew their food, head on over to your app store of choice to grab the update.

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  • TWC TV iOS app updated for TV streaming away from home

    TWC TV iOS app updated for TV streaming away from home

    As we revealed a few days ago and Time Warner Cable announced yesterday, its iOS app has been updated with the ability to stream video even when away from subscriber’s home networks. There’s video on-demand available from 10 networks, and ten live TV channels ready for streaming. While the company’s blog post only referred to access over WiFi, its about page confirms our initial information that 3G / 4G access is limited to Verizon Wireless customers. Our tipster indicted this exclusive would run out later this year, and the feature is also coming soon to the company’s Android app and web portal for PC / Mac users. Today’s update on iOS also tweaks the app’s guide, with a new ability to filter by category, as well as sort alphabetically by network or show title. Subscribers can grab it at the link below — let us know how well it works and if you’ve run into any unexpected restrictions.

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    Source: iTunes, Time Warner Cable

  • BBC Worldwide to offer first-run TV to Australia through Foxtel in mid-2014

    BBC Worldwide offers firstrun TV to Australia through a premium Foxtel channel

    Australians have long had access to the BBC, although a current four-channel lineup on Foxtel won’t completely satisfy fans of British TV when it’s just a sliver of the content they know. BBC Worldwide should be closing some of that (figurative) distance, though, with plans to offer a premium channel through Foxtel’s network. The as-yet-unnamed service will give Aussies a chance at first-run BBC shows about a year before they’d broadcast over the air there. and without ads. (Pretty good for not having a UK TV license.) The BBC content will naturally be available in HD, as well as for mobile streaming through Foxtel Go. About the only drawback to the channel outside of its premium nature is the mid-2014 start date, but that may be a small sacrifice for determined Anglophiles and ex-pats.

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