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  • Dell XPS 18 is up for pre-order online: $900 and up, shipping in May

    Add this to the list of Tax Day surprises: the Dell XPS 18 all-in-one is available for pre-order online one day ahead of schedule. The giant tablet / semi-portable desktop won’t actually ship until the first week in May, but you can add one of three configurations to your cart now. The entry-level model, with a Pentium processor and a 320GB hard drive, will set you back $900, while Core i3 and Core i5 versions are priced at $1,000 and $1,350, respectively. We liked what we saw when we went hands-on with the 4.85-pound PC: its flip-out feet let you transition between slate and desktop mode easily, and the 1080 capacitive touch display is very crisp. Admittedly, there is only a handful of tabletop Windows 8 slates, but the XPS 18 can hold its own against the Sony VAIO Tap 20 and Lenovo’s jumbo-sized Horizon Table PC. Click through to Dell’s US site for more details.

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  • Xiaomi CEO Bin Lin aims to ship 15 million superphones in 2013, expand sales beyond Asia

    Xiaomi CEO Bin Lin

    Bin Lin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi Corporation, has only been in the business of selling high-spec Android phones for three years. But yet, here he is, talking on stage at D:Dive Into Mobile about just how successful his outfit has become. “No sales, no marketing, no retail — we price our phones at the build of material,” said Lin. That probably sounds like a recipe for disaster in the United States, but it’s working exceptionally well in Asia. Lin stated that Xiaomi has reached a clip of around $2 billion in revenue on 1.7 million phones, and in 2013 it’s hoping to ship 15 million handsets.

    For those who’ve been paying attention, you’d know that Xiaomi is hawking unsubsidized superphones — packing the latest and greatest components — for well under $400. And they’re selling out within minutes. “Last year, when we announced the Mi2, for 3-4 months we’d have hundreds of thousands of units available, and they’d be gone within two or three minutes after we posted availability online. We’re working hard on distribution — China is big, and we’re aiming to get phones into hands in just three days after purchase.”

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  • Spotify expanding into new markets, now live in Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia and more

    Spotify expanding into new markets, now live in Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia and more

    Rumors around the web have pegged Spotify for an impending expansion into more countries, with an official announcement purportedly slated for tomorrow. But it looks like the company’s jumped the gun, as tips have begun to trickle in reporting the service as currently operational in Malaysia and Singapore. And it could be live in even more territories right now. A quick glance at Spotify’s country selection page lists working sites for Mexico, Iceland, Hong Kong, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We’ve reached out to the company for official comment on the rollout and will update when we hear back. Regardless, if you’re living in any of those nations mentioned above, your streaming music options just increased by one.

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  • EU reportedly accepts Google's antitrust concessions for online search

    Google antitrust saga

    Google has no doubt been on pins and needles wondering whether or not the European Commission will accept the search engine changes it’s proposing to avoid an antitrust showdown. If what we’re hearing is right, Larry Page and crew might just get to relax in the near future: sources for the New York Times claim that the EU agency has accepted Google’s proposal. Reportedly, the terms of the deal are close to what had been mentioned last week. Google would have to explicitly label search results that come from its own services while sometimes showing those results from others. It would also have to test the results in the field to get feedback from both the Commission and competitors. While neither Google nor European officials have confirmed the apparent leak so far, any truth to the story could mean the long-running saga might draw to a close before it gets ugly.

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